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Beauty By Alia Jay Spotlight: Rachel Jackson “Passionate Principles”

As a holistic beauty writer I don’t like to inundate my readers with product reviews, or hair and beauty tips day in and day out. I like to expand the dimensions of beauty. I like to identify the beauty of a person as a whole; and not just from the superficial understanding of beauty. I would ask that you be open to that as my reader and tip your hat to the ladies I select to celebrate because they are a reflection of the beautiful parts of our existence and are community centered and business all-star’s balancing their lives with poise and regality.

R. Jackson

I would like to introduce you to Miss Rachel Jackson, entrepreneurial powerhouse and creator of Rachel lends her marketing and publicist prowess Jackmont Hospitality as the Executive Marketing Assistant, she also serves as the Events Assistant – 92-9 The Game (ATL’s Newest Sports Radio Station, CBS Radio that showcases all things special events and promotions that pertain to the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves & Atlanta Falcon’s and finally as a Swim Instructor at the Joseph B. Whitehead Boys & Girls Club.  Where she reveals that it is her responsibility to serve there since it is where she too learned how to swim.

It is my hope that by getting to know Rachel that you discover the most beautiful parts of yourself and share it with the world. By doing so, you will ultimately inherit financial freedom, spiritual attunement, and personal satisfaction. Check out the Beauty By Alia Jay Spotlight recipient Miss Rachel Jackson.


Community Service
Community Service

1. As a recent graduate of Clark Atlanta University, please take a look back at your four years. What are steps that you took to set yourself up for the career you have today?

Although matriculating at CAU was both mentally and academically challenging, I made sure that I had the upper hand on my schedule at all times. Properly synchronizing my class, study and extra-curricular activity schedules allowed me to fully dedicate myself to my interests and ace tests at the same time! I also wrote everything down in a planner I carried with me. When I was ever in doubt, I pulled it out! [laughs]

In terms of setting myself up for my current career, I positioned myself as the liaison between CAU and Atlanta’s entertainment industry. I created opportunities to exercise my event and concert planning talent that contributed to a win for my institution and a progressive learning experience for me. I set goals to go bigger and grind harder each time, and now, all I do is realign that routine and apply it to my everyday life.

2. You have always been a socialite, a style trendsetter; you have held campus titles, organized and promoted big events for CAU as well as celebrities.  Where do you see yourself 3, 5, and 7 years from now? 

Over the years to come, I want the mosaic of things “R. Jackson” is made up of to spread abroad and influence nations. Wherever I am 3, 5 or even 7 years from now, my goal is to remain in positions to learn, lead and change.

3. Who (it can be anyone) would you love for your company to work with?

I would loooove for R. Jackson, LLC to align with Atlanta Public Schools and the Allen Entrepreneurial Institute’s Camp Exposure to create lasting programs for middle school girls that encompass the fundamentals of mental, physical, educational, financial and spiritual strength; while exposing them to entrepreneurship. Middle school finds young ladies at a stage in life where they are very impressionable and I believe it’s our job as women to equip the younger visions of our essence with the tools they need to transition into productive, positive adults.

 4.  You are a beautiful balanced and successful woman, which can be intimidating for some men and a turn on for others. What does a man need to do to get next to you?

I am happily taken by an awesome gentleman, [smiles].

5. In a world that objectifies women, how do you battle the entertainment and business world how do you establish your respect? 

In both settings, I keep my cool. I arm myself with purpose and present myself in the most undisputed way. As women, we should always aim to be undisputed in all facets… leaving no questions as to “if our presence is more than just a pretty face”. That practice has been very rewarding for me. Earning the respect of a new acquaintance is such an endearing feeling for me and isn’t always about being pushy or aggressive, either. It simply lies with the “show and prove” method. Show that you’re worth it, prove your worth and leave no doubt.

6. What is your personal style? 

Classic chic, with a dash of glam and a splash of sporty.

7. How can people find you?



8. Leave us with a line of inspiration.

Passion is that glimpse of crazy in the back of your mind that tells you any & everything is achievable. When you have an idea, go for it and consider the “best” that can happen, not the worst.

 Beauty By Alia Jay About the author:

 Alia Jay is a licensed master cosmetologist that specializes not only in the art of makeup application, but also holistic beauty and health education. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, and IG: @beautybyaliajay and check out her work at:

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