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Payment Options For Slots Deposits Explained

Payment Options For Slots Deposits Explained

The world of online video slots is so exciting that it can be quite easy to forget you actually have to deposit some money before you being playing in most cases, unless you are strictly limiting yourself to free play slots, in which case you can gamble to your hearts content without ever spending a penny. Although you must remember that you also won’t be winning any money either.

99.9999% of online slot gamblers will be playing with real money, that’s just a given, and in order to do so you must make a deposit before you play online slots at this link. But how does this work? And how do you navigate the confusing world of all those different payment options? Read on for a breakdown.

The Basics

So, for those of us that are still online casino novices let’s just run through the basics of slot deposits. Basically, before you begin spinning the reels on your favourite video slot you must first find your favoured online casino site. Now, there are literally thousands of these, and it can genuinely be difficult to choose one, but just make sure it is a site you know you can trust and ideally one that gives a few generous offers.

Once you are on your desired site you will need to make a monetary deposit so that you can begin gambling away. In most cases this first requires you to set up an account on the casino site, before then taking you through to a screen on which you will be asked to make a deposit via a variety of methods. Let’s a take a look at some of them…

Credit / Debit Card

By far the most popular deposit method is still using the classic credit or debit card approach, much like when you buy something online using your card. For most gamblers this is the way forward, mostly because it is the easiest way and doesn’t entail setting up any other accounts on anything else. There are a few drawbacks however, one of them being that the money transfer time is rarely instantaneous, and that there is less anonymity than with other ways.


Another incredibly popular online slot deposit method is by using Paypal, something that almost everybody will have an account on. Even if you do not have a Paypal account it takes minutes to set up and can link directly to your primary bank account – the ease of use is amazing! Another benefit of Paypal is that they offer refunds for fraudulent transactions, something that is especially useful in the occasionally dodgy world of online casino.


More recently the rise of crypto-currencies has meant that a lot of casino sites take things like Bitcoin as a viable deposit method. This is one of the most secure ways of making online casino deposits, and also grants you almost total anonymity. The only problem is that it can be quite a complex method.

Deposit Bonuses


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