Pebbles Reid sues Viacom for 40 Million Dollars for “TLC: Crazysexycool Biopic!”

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It’s officially war time! Perri Reid, also known as “Pebbles,” ex-wife of music mogul L. A. Reid, and the former manager of TLC; is suing Viacom for a whopping forty million dollars! The suit is based on the TLC biopic, “TLC: Crazysexycool” which aired last year on VH-1. In it, Reid was the resident villainess of the film, having defrauded the girls of millions of dollars and leaving them bankrupt.

Reid filed the suit in an Atlanta federal court saying the film presented her as, “as a conniving and dishonest business woman who hoodwinked three innocent girls and exploited their talent for her own personal gain.” She goes on further to say they [Viacom] “ignored fundamental canons of journalistic and literary conduct by publishing false and defamatory accusations with actual malice.”

There are no comments yet from the surviving members of TLC. However, we can be sure they are glad they are not the ones in danger of losing any money when it comes to battling Ms. Reid. Well Sister Perri let’s hope God is on your side when it comes to this suit, after all they would not have made the film were it not backed on some hardcore facts.


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