We the People Concert, Add to Trump’s Struggle for Inauguration

Nothing is more important in a musicians career than their fan base. That’s the main concern of singers and bands who wouldn’t mind performing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration concert but they fear losing fans who oppose him as President.

There has never been a Presidential election in history that has been plagued with so much controversy, scandal, misconduct and division among the people–even down to who will perform for Trumps Inauguration!

Up to now, it didn’t matter if it was a Dem or a Republican … there were enough big stars willing to perform it wasn’t a problem. We’re told everyone’s so scared of the backlash the camps will never admit they’ve even entertained the prospect of singing at the inauguration … they’re all so worried it will negatively impact the artists’ careers. Trump is not obsessing over big names at the inauguration or the various balls. He just wants “traditional” events (TMZ, 2016). Trump is a very proud man if he’s “not obsessing over big names” I’m sure he’s made that statement because he doesn’t want to feel slighted by anyone he would like to perform that has declined.

Donald Trump Yelling
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To add insult to injury, son of late Time Warner CEO, Steve Ross, is conducting a rival concert for the Inauguration which takes place at the same time but in Miami FL. on Friday, January 20, 2017 on Inauguration Day. The concert is the concept of Mark Ross a democrat concert promoter. Steve say’s “If you’re educated and have at least half a brain, faux reality star Trump winning truly sucks. Those voting against trump also wanted change. And not necessarily Hillary. But change should be based on a well educated, thoughtful and enlightened choice. That did not happen this time. It did with Reagan. But not this time” (Heavy, 2016). Get this, allegedly there have been stars wanting to take part in the rival concert!

Donald Trump Twitter

Not taking this lightly, Trump Tweeted: “The so-called “A” list celebrities are all wanting tixs to the inauguration, but look what they did for Hillary, NOTHING. I want the PEOPLE!”

Trump’s buddy Kanye West should definitely help him out with a performance.

Donald Trump and Kanye West

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