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Personal Projects Worth Tackling

Personal Projects Worth Tackling

There comes a time in your life when you look around and realize you’re completely bored. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself and pursue a few personal projects. There’s more to do and get done than you realize once you start racking your brain.

Begin brainstorming and making a list of tasks you haven’t had time for in the past, but always wanted to do. If you can’t think of much, then refer to the following list and see what sticks with you. These are all excellent ways to fill your free time, and you’ll feel a sense of pride as you undertake each one.

Attend to your Mind & Body

A terrific personal project to start working on is yourself. Attend to your self-care and needs by working out, eating right and meditating. Put you first and notice the difference in how you feel each day. You’ll have more natural energy and sleep better at night when you’re kind to yourself. Without your health, it’s very difficult to function and get around, so never take your wellbeing for granted. Set wellness goals and put your mind to achieving them by working hard daily. You’ll never regret the time and effort you invested in yourself when looking back.

Home Updates

Take a look around your home and see what needs your attention. Start by organizing and decluttering your space and belongings. It may also be a good time to tackle any redecorating ideas you had in mind or make updates to the outside of your home like installing a new, secure door. Use a trusted company like Uneek Security Doors if you’re going down this route. Their doors are stylish and will keep your family safe. If you’re still looking for projects to tackle as you analyze your home then consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the rooms that are drab. Paint can make a small room look big and brighten a dull room in no time.

Reconnect with an old Friend

If you’re bored with life, then reach out and connect with an old friend. Pick up the phone this time instead of texting or emailing and talk to one another about what’s going on in each of your lives. Pick a date and time ahead of schedule, so you’re both available to chat and catch up. Make this a regular occurrence for you two, and you’ll start to look forward to this time with your friend and feel happier overall. Reconnecting with someone you care about is a great way to spend your free time and will help you build a deeper relationship with this person.  

Host A Fundraising Event

Raising money for charity is always time well spent. Run or walk a race and raise money for a cause that’s near and dear to your heart. To help raise even more money you can host a fundraising event and make it a fun night out for all. Planning the event will take up time and energy, and you’ll be anything but bored as you plan and prepare. You’ll have to find a venue, send out invitations, pick a menu and so much more that you won’t have a lot of time to sit around being bored.

Create A Picture Book

If you’re like most people, then your pictures are probably scattered everywhere and disorganized. Now is a perfect opportunity to get them in order and either upload them to a website online or print them out and create a picture book. You can also think about printing your favorite photos and placing them around your home for decoration. You’ll thank yourself later when your pictures are all organized and in order for when you want to show them off to other people.

Cook Meals from your Favorite Cookbooks

You likely have many cookbooks sitting around waiting to be used, but never any time to cook. Whenever you have a little free time use it to dabble in testing out new recipes which you can make for family dinners or when you have guests over. Let yourself be creative and messy in the kitchen as you experiment and try out various dishes you normally wouldn’t dare attempt to make. You may find you truly enjoy cooking and decide to take it up as a consistent hobby in your downtime.  

Tackle your Closet

One project that’s always worth tackling is cleaning out your closet. Do it the right way this go around by taking your time and walking yourself through the entire process from start to finish. Begin with clearing out what you no longer wear or want and trying on clothes you’re unsure if you want to keep or not. Then head to the store and start replacing old items with new outfits you look forward to wearing each day. Take it a step further and organize your closet by season, color or category such as if an article of clothing is for work or lounging around the house.

Learn how to Play A Musical Instrument

It is your chance to find a new hobby like learning how to play a musical instrument and truly challenge yourself. It’s fun, exciting and will keep you engaged for a long time. Pick one out you’ve always wanted to try playing or that you used to be a pro at, but have now forgotten how to play. Take it seriously and schedule lessons with someone who knows what they’re doing. Practice at home in your free time and work to get good at it so you can show your family all you’ve accomplished.   


There’s plenty to do that will keep you busy if you open your mind and look around at your options. These are just a few personal projects worth tackling but know there are much more out there for you to try. Start with one idea and if you don’t like it or get bored then don’t be afraid to move on to the next. Have fun and enjoy exploring a different side of you that you aren’t used to portraying.  


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