Peter Gunz comes clean to Sway – “It’s All My Fault”

You didn’t have to watch the first episode of season four of Love & Hip Hop New York, to hear about Peter Gunz and his triflin’ love triangle. Admit it, none of us thought that the antics of LHHATL’s Stevie  J could be surpassed, but Peter Gunz’s shenanigans make Steebie look like a choir boy! If by some chance you happen to live under a rock and do not have a clue what I’m talking about, I’ve break it down really quickly for you.

Peter Gunz is an old school rapper and father of YMCMB’s Corey Gunz. He is currently residing in NYC with Tara, the mother of his two youngest sons, in a tiny ‘bachelorette’ apartment. Peter and Tara have been together for 13 years. Peter has also been ‘managing’ former Black Buddafly artist, Amina Buddafly for a year. Not only is he smashing, but Peter and Amina are secretly MARRIED! Yeap. Peter married his side chick. So now the long serving, loyal baby mama is now the side piece. I’d like to clarify things for you but right now, even Peter is confused. Check out this interview he did a few days in the morning with his homie Sway.

Peter admits:

“I’ve never been in a relationship where it was the woman’s fault. I’ve always had a problem being loyal.”

Well, he’s finally mastered the art of honesty. Things get even  awkward for Peter when they call Tara up on the show and she politely, rips him a new one.

Check out the full interview below. *It’s almost an hour long so you might wanna grab some chips and dip beforehand*




By: Ayara Pommells