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Peyton Manning Reportedly Takes Pay Cut To Stay With Broncos

Future Hall Of Fame quarterback and professional Papa John’s dealer Peyton Manning has reportedly taken a pay cut to stay with the Denver Broncos.


Peyton Manning is one of the top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL, but his paycheck from here on out will allegedly be a little short these next couple of years. Manning is reportedly taking a $4 million pay cut in order to stay with the Broncos. Manning accepted the pay cut unselfishly so the Broncos organization could clear up enough salary cap space to sign new free agents when the market opens up next week. The record-breaking quarterback is still scheduled to earn $15 million next season and Papa John’s is definitely treating him well so he’s still rolling in the dough (pun intended), but still, $4 million is a hefty sacrifice. After a very disappointing season getting knocked out the first round of the playoffs by a wild card team (his former team, by the way…ouch), Peyton is more concerned about building a better, Super Bowl-contending team than about the money.

For a true champion and team player like Mr. Manning, it’s all about getting another ring. Way-to-be a team player, Peyton!

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