Phil Jackson calls out New York Knicks!

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It can’t really get any worse for the worst team in the league right now: the New York Knicks. At this point, all they can do is pile up the trash and wait until next year. The teams horrific season was, again, in the spotlight tonight when they went up against the Cleveland Cavaliers and Phil was not too pleased about his team’s performance.

Last night against the Cavs was pretty much what we expected: a blowout; especially considering that the Cavs are on fire right now winning 15 out of their last 17 games. Former Knick, now Cavs guard J.R Smith had a big game last night against his former team. He even hooked up on an alley-oop from, also former Knick Iman Shumpert, to put up a sick reverse dunk that got the Madison Square crowd excited.

The Cavaliers beat the Knick 101-83. New York Knicks President Phil Jackson was not satisfied by his team’s performance and took to twitter to express himself. Phil tweeted out: “Each NBA game is an opportunity for players to show their “best” nature and please the basketball gods…and those who know what “It”takes.”– @PhilJackson11

He also tweeted: “Today’s game vs Cavs gave bb gods heartburn and those that know what “it” takes/means a smh.”- @PhilJackson11

Well, what did you expect? Carmelo Anthony is out for the year, Iman Shumpert, J.R Smith, and Amar’e Stoudamire are gone, and you have a rookie head coach coaching D-list players….you reap what you sew.


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