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The Plot Thickens – Being Mary Jane Recap

The Plot Thickens – Being Mary Jane Recap

“A woman who catches a man’s eye earns a purse. A woman who catches a man’s heart earns his world.”

This quote was presented throughout the show and sets the tone for life and actions of “the other woman”. Episode 2 really revved up, opening with Miss Mary Jane’s married boo Andre professing his love, quoting scripture and presenting her with a sizable engagement ring. Mary Jane of course turns down the offer, leaving the ring and him at Andre’s luxury hotel suite in Buckhead…. Oh yes, I peeped that side street behind Lenox train station.

We get a chance to revisit Mary Jane’s family drama when she pulls up to her family’s home to take her pregnant niece to a prenatal check-up, only to be told that her “baby daddy” will be taking her to the appointment. Dude is a no show, leaving Mary Jane’s niece all sorts of upset.

We shift to her married boo Andre arriving home, prepared to talk to his wife about dissolving their marriage, however, wifey hits him with the ookie dokie and slides him with divorce papers and threats of taking his children. Not even glancing at “them papers”, he slides them back and retorts “there will never be a day when you will take my kids from me”.

A day or two later, we see Mary in her office where she receives a package, of course with the engagement ring inside. Mary looks the ring over, but quickly puts it away.

Audiences catch Mary Jane spending bonding time with her dad, while conversing over dinner, her dad talks about the future for Mary Jane and how enthusiastic he is for her to eventually get married. They are interrupted by Catherine, a supposed family friend, who has her eye on Mary Jane’s father. Mary Jane peeps the game and goes into offense mode. Catherine does a sneak move and pops up at the family house, and is having quite the cozy conversation with Mary Jane’s dad, until her and her mom bust up the party!

Mary Jane’s mom shares pearls of knowledge, disclosing that she already knows what this Catherine has in mind and shares that some women are like “vultures”. Instead of “cultivating their own man, they have to take another woman’s man”. We see this causes conflict for Mary Jane, as she is involved with a married man.

As the episode comes to a close, Mary Jane is hosting an all girls night with alcoholic drinks, a stripper and raunchy girl talk in tow. The ladies all spill the beans on whatever juicy secret they have been keeping, Mary Jane does not spill on her involvement with a married man, but she does break out the cold sperm belonging to David that she has been storing in her fridge…WOW! She decides to reach out to Andre via text, however, her married boo is doing what married men typically do…..  ignoring her texts, talking through his current relationship with his wife and they end up sexing…. Typical!

Lesson to all the single ladies out there, leave married men alone…. It only leaves you with a broken heart and with bad karma in the atmosphere.



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