Power couples that are killing the game

These power couples are killing the game. Some say power comes in numbers. Team work makes the dream work is the motto you hear all the time. Jay and Bey can be found in many hashtags and described as relationship goals. Let’s talk numbers, power couples that are dominating the world.

Jay and Bey

Jay & Bey
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In April 2008 Jay and Bey got married. Rumor has it the couple had been dating since 1997. Bey is a singer, songwriter, and actress with various business ventures. Her portfolio includes a clothing line; House of Dereon and Ivy Park, as well as Parkwood Entertainment her, management company. Beyonce’s estimated net worth is $350 million. Jay Z is a rapper and business mogul; his empire includes clothing, beverages, real estate, sports management, sports team owner, record labels and more. Jay’s net worth is $810 million. The couples total net worth is 1.16 billion.

Kanye and Kim

Kim and Kanye
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In May 2014 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian got married. Kanye West is an artist, Record label founder, Designer and Philanthropist. Kanye’s estimated net worth is $145 million. Kim Kardashian is a reality star, actress, creator of a cosmetic line, fragrance line and co-owner of D-A-S-H clothing boutiques.  Kim’s net worth is $175 million. The couples total net worth is $320 million.

Will and Jada

Will and Jada
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Will and Jada have been married since December 1997 and have been going strong for 20 years. Jada has starred in box office films such as; Scream 2, The Matrix series, Madagascar, The Boss Baby and Girl’s Trip . As well Will has starred in films such as; Bad Boys, Men in Black, Suicide Squad and more. The pair also have 2 successful children they have dabbled in music and modeling. Currently, Will Smith’s net worth is $260 million, and Jada’s is $20 million. The couples total net worth is $280 million.

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