Ywada, pronounced (Yah-da) , is one of those artist that makes music to speak up for the inner voice we all tame in relationships. She referenced Kevin Hart’s humorous joke about that point in a relationship when its hard to find the right words to say so a woman turns on a song loudly to get her point across. Its after realizing the volume is loud that the man actually hears the words and is able to make an emotional connection with the woman’s feelings. Ywada’s music is that voice!

Her first single, “End of the Road” closes the door on a relationship resonating with the confusion and pain that accompanies heartbreak. This is a song of healing when you find yourself not wanting to give up but it looks like it’s the end of the road. It is at this point that one must realize life goes on and there is someone greater out there for you. “End of the Road” which will be available July 16th on ITunes, was produced by Miykal Snoddy (Ne-Yo, Diddy, and Trey Songz) and written by Ywada, Miykal Snoddy and Carmael Frith.

Growing up Ywada was musically influenced by her mother, a teacher at the Christian School she attended, Annette Jacobs and the greats like Whitney Houston and Faith Evans. Ywada began launching her musical career after winning the Sarasota “Singer of the Year” competition in 2007. This lead to appearances on numerous national radio shows and eventually a performance on BET’s 106 & Park’s “Wild Out Wednesdays” where she performed with four-time Grammy Winner Yolanda Adams.  “It was an amazing experience to sing next to Yolanda Adams. I’ll never forget we sang “The Battle Is Not Yours,” one of her big hits.”

Yolanda Adam’s influence in Ywada’s life inspired her Gospel to R&B musical genre. She seeks to empower woman emotionally to know we are strong and powerful. Even thou we tend to be emotional beings we have to at some point step aside to see the truth. She wants to highlight the perception of reality of a woman in a relationship. She also feels we need to ask more questions about the status and progression of our relationships. There comes a point when women and men must understand reality. At the point of trying to decipher between fact and fiction, that is the moment to possibly take a timeout. Her ballot “Time Out “is about that time. The time when we need to step aside until we understand where the relationship is going. We go through so many emotions daily and despite the emotional side there is still that time when we feel sexy and are ready to show our feelings. “Give It To You” is about the romantic side of a woman.

Ywada wants men and women to relate to her music. She is inspired by male/female interactions. If she is in the nail salon, hair salon, or park she is looking for a way to relate her music to an emotion. Music is something that she had to do. For her music is love. From a young age she knew music is what she needed to do. Her soulful debut EP, Perception Against Reality, on New Age Productions, LLC, will be available on ITunes this fall.

When asked about her image Ywada described herself as classy, sassy and soulful. And as most woman do when asked about fashion the tone of the conversation changed to pure excitement. Ywada has a shoe fetish. She loves Christian Louboutin, Brian Atwood, Charlotte Olympia, and Gucci…all in the 4’ to 5’ range!

After reading this article I know you want more! Asking questions like, “Where can we hear her music?” “When can we see her perform?”

Website:  www.ywadamusic.com

Twitter:  twitter.com/ywada3

Facebook: facebook.com/ywadamusic

YouTube: youtube.com/ywadamusic


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