Pray For Boston, Pray for Peace

Senseless acts of violence are becoming an overwhelming mainstay in our nation. The heartache of those who suddenly have to endure the pains of tragic loss, and for what? What’s is all for?

The latest course of events that took place in Boston – host to the world’s oldest running marathon -attracting tens of thousands each year to participate in the sports event. Contestants and spectators were rocked by a string of explosions as they crossed the finish line yesterday. Hundreds were critically injured and three have lost their lives.

The number of innocents who meet an untimely, tragic end is growing at an alarming rate. Though the Boston community was afflicted by terror yesterday, we cannot overlook the societal sickness that results in violent deaths on the daily basis.

26 people were shot in Chicago last weekend. An off-duty Brooklyn police officer  fatally shot her boyfriend and her toddling 1-year-old boy before turning the gun on herself yesterday. A California teen committed suicide last week after pictures of her rape were being circulated amongst her peers. Unfortunately, there are likely several similar incidents that did not make headlines.

We are witnessing, in these times, a complete lack of humanity and a less-than-casual value some place on the lives of others and themselves. While “prayer” may seem like a cliche notion to promote when tragedy occurs – should it be something we should all participate in from time-to-time? Prayer?

Why not try it if it brings a sense of calm or peace to the atmosphere? Pray. Whatever the word means, looks and feels like to you, let’s just do it. Take a moment of silence and pray for peace.

On behalf of the Kontrol Team, best wishes.

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