Preachers of LA Season 2 Opener

by Samantha Denäe


With reality TV taking an all-time turn, Preachers of LA had me in a whirlwind as I watched the first episode of the upcoming season. First let me preference this by stating that I did not watch the first season (because I didn’t really think reality TV was a forum or place for preachers) , so I had no knowledge of what had previously took place amongst the preachers and their families. I was not only blown away by the personalities of some of the preachers, especially Bishop Ron Gibson, but also by their real-life situations from secret marriages, babies born out of wedlock, and judgmental statements (when these are men and women who know the word of God). Without giving away too much let me offer my critiques on the show and the season two opener.



The show starts off with a recap of what happened last season and picks up right where it left off, with a new edition to the show. Unresolved feelings and emotions from Pastor Jay Haizlip towards gospel singer Deitrick Haddon arise after an event from season one which caused a major argument, possibly  causing damage to their friendship. The preachers get together for a meeting to raise attention to the growing violence in their community and guns come blazin’ from a particular preacher, literally and figuratively, towards another.


Additionally, two women mend fences for the sake of their children and Dominique Haddon, wife to Deitrick, gathers the women for a celebration. Although this is supposed to be a joyous event, it turns into more than she bargained for with arguments flaring between two of the women.

Preachers of L.A.
All in all it was a great first episode. Very engaging and pulled me in from the beginning. Also, the trailer for the entire season displayed that the show will have MAJOR drama amongst its cast members. It was very entertaining to say the least. It’s nice to see people who are church figures go through their struggles and see how they handle it all while being reminded that they are indeed human beings just like us, so they have faults as well.

I wasn’t watching the show at first, but I will tune in every week from now on!


Don’t miss the season two premiere on Oxygen on August 20 at 10pm!

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