Product Review: Sweat Block

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try SweatBlock. Now, before we begin, let me inform you all that I do not sweat. I glisten. But, for the sake of this review, I’ll pretend that I sweat.

According to its website, SweatBlock is clinical antiperspirant soaked on a soft towelette. By the way, it does look like one of those moist towelettes you’d receive with your order of hot wings. That makes it easy for you to throw in your purse or even slip into your wallet. Try concealing a container of deodorant in your pocket! SweatBlock promises to eliminate sweat and decrease odor if used once a work, or as needed throughout the day.

I decided to put SweatBlock to the test. To judge its effectiveness, I wore it to the place I work out the hardest—my favorite pole fitness studio! Could SweatBlock withstand one of the most rigorous (and what I consider one of the hottest…both literally and figuratively, of course) workouts ever? I was ready to find out.

As directed, I swiped the SweatBlock towelette under my arms the night before class. And I applied a little more about an hour before my class began. A typical session is 55 minutes long, but I also stayed afterwards and practiced for another 30 minutes. Yes, we girls go HARD!

My results? My shirt was a little damp, but no one at the pole studio said I was funky. There was a reduction in odor. I felt like I could go on about my day in that same shirt with no problem, although that would never happen because that’s just gross.

Overall, I’d say that SweatBlock is not exactly the pits. It did decrease odor like it assured, but I did still sweat a bit—like I experience with any other antiperspirant. So I’d use it as an alternative to my usual product, or keep it in my gym bag since it’s so portable. Or, it can be used in conjunction with your favorite deodorant for added protection. Keep SweatBlock in mind as you’re working out to get summertime fine!

–Candyce Nicole

SweatBlock Antiperspirant Wipes instructions

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