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Promotional Vehicles: Creative Ways to Up Your Advertising

Promotional Vehicles: Creative Ways to Up Your Advertising

We’ve likely seen a ton of examples of promotional vehicles, but when we’re asked what they are, can’t come up with an answer. We’re so used to seeing them that they probably don’t even phase us, and we don’t know what they’re technically called. To become more educated on the subject, there are a ton of ways in which you can get the facts.

Promotional vehicles are usually large vehicles that are pasted or painted with a company’s graphic to promote a brand or service. They are mainly used as a tactic to help certain businesses in a way that is hard to miss, but they also function as a way to promote businesses even while immobile.

Many of them can be large vehicles that house samples of a product, or otherwise allow potential customers to engage with a product before they buy. It can be a quick and wonderful way to gain customers and to explain why a product is valuable.

Promotional vehicles are used much more often than you think, and for a variety of different businesses. They are an exceptional way to get your brand noticed more quickly, widely, and efficiently. There are several ways in which companies go about using promotional vehicles for their branding and advertising.

If you’re a business owner looking for a creative and effective way to accelerate your advertising, or just need creative ways to get your brand seen, then promotional vehicles are a versatile method in doing so. They can also be quite cost-efficient and wide-ranging.

If you’ve yet to use a promotional vehicle for advertising opportunities, you might want to start! Here’s everything you need to know about promotional vehicles’ value in advertising.

Size Doesn’t Always Matter – Small Promotional Vehicles

It isn’t always trucks or semis that you see being used as promotional vehicles. There are just as many smart cars that you see zipping through town touting a company’s logo for quick advertising opportunities. How many of these do you see in big cities? Probably more than you’re noticing at first. Once you look around, you can spot them all over.

Many smart cars are advertising tech companies, as the model of the car itself already indicates the “smart” part. Pretty genius if you ask us! Mini Cooper is also a popular car used to advertise, as it’s a reliable and recognizable car that already comes in vibrant colors from the dealer.

There are also smaller cars that tend to advertise different food or beverage brands, and you will usually find them not so far off from grocery stores or organic food stores. These serve as a good way to get customers thinking about a brand when they wouldn’t have been. Otherwise, it might change their mind before they even enter the store. Now that’s a valuable piece of advertising.

Some smaller promotional vehicles, especially snack and beverage brands, benefit from smaller cars because they can carry small stores of these products to give out as free samples to customers—one of the most famous of these being Red Bull (the car even has wings).

Make Sure They see it: Decals and Logos

The most important part of the promotional vehicle’s function is carrying the logo of a brand. Promotional vehicles are decorated in a variety of different ways to achieve their aim.

For example, those vehicles which are the most mobile usually keep the decoration more understated. There is usually a pretty vibrant decal and logo that’s pasted on the vehicle, but not enough decoration to distract a driver.

Larger promotional vehicles take great joy in decorating as much as possible. The logos and graphics added are usually quite vibrant and could be very loud as well. Some promotional vehicles are even equipped with certain jingles or theme songs to further establish and promote the brand.

Immobile promotional vehicles serve a much different purpose than the others. Companies like https://www.craftsmenind.com/event-promotional-vehicles-trailers aim to give the customer a full experience. These vehicles are meant to be explored and tested by the customer.

They can have games inside, the product itself to test out (like VR, for example), and meant for the potential to immerse themselves in experiencing a product. This can be exciting for customers — they have a whole range of space to explore. And they generally are very happy to do so.

Professional salesperson selling cars

Promotional Vehicles Mean Experiential Marketing

One thing you want to get right with a promotional vehicle is the effectiveness of the customer’s experience within one. For example, you can create games that they play inside, signature food and drinks that can be served, or any other type of experience that will get the customer hyped up for a product. Just be careful not to go overboard, as a potential customer won’t want to be pushed into any experience. There are a ton of experiences customers might be looking for when they step into a promotional vehicle, and you’ll want to make sure to transcend their expectations if you can.

You can set up a great product demonstration in order to entice customers; you can also use the opportunity to recruit both customers and potential employees, create an artistic or even scientific experience for potential customers that they won’t soon forget. Some even set up mobile museums or replicas of the stores themselves to give customers a better idea of the product a company is selling and what they are likely to expect from the company’s stores and the brand itself.

Elegant indian macho man Promotional Vehicles

There’s no better way to gain potential customers than to offer free food products or services. This is what experiential marketing is all about. This is your chance to get the customer excited about the product, trying the product, and eventually buying the product.

There are plenty of types of companies that go all out on these experiences for their customers. For example, many beauty companies will offer mobile beauty treatments. Restaurants and grocery stores will offer free food or special savings, and the customer is extremely happy about all the things they get that are free. So much so that they will very likely buy a product, too!

It’s Isn’t Cheap, but it Isn’t Pricey

In the age of electronics, companies are always looking for new ways to advertise. While the internet is, of course, the most used tactic in advertising, as it’s the main way people search for and purchase products, promotional vehicles serve as an old school way to experience a product, something that not a lot of people get to do anymore.

Professional salesperson selling cars Promotional Vehicles

This is also why marketing experts call for content that customers can engage with. It gives them a chance to explore more than just looking at a photo of a product.

You might not know, but promotional vehicles are not as pricey as other forms of advertising. While the vehicle itself could be pricey, there’s an option to rent a vehicle, and the pasting of graphics is not expensive.

The affordability of promotional vehicles is a reason that companies keep coming back to them when they want some quick and effective advertising for their brand.

Remember, promotional vehicles are seen by drivers and pedestrians in the vicinity of them. This is a quick way to get the attention of many people at once, and especially people who probably wouldn’t have found their way to the product before.

That means that while the graphics might not be that expensive, they are important to make as creative, recognizable, and graphically as beautiful as possible. People might remember the details more than they remember the name! Make sure that details of a graphic are not just thrown together but thought about and designed to a tee. Customers likely won’t forget them. It’s also helpful if they can be seen from afar.

Promotional Vehicles Can Be Used for the Greater Good

Promotional vehicles aren’t only used for promotional purposes, though. They are also used in emergency relief and aid situations, and also for disaster zones. Because they have so much space and mobility, they can feed people very quickly and go into a disaster zone more easily than other vehicles, especially those with mobile and fully-stocked kitchens.

But it isn’t only food being served to those in need; these promotional vehicles also help to bring health care and blood services to those in need in disaster zones. For those who can’t reach a hospital, or if in the worst-case scenario, there isn’t one, those in need can be treated by caretakers who arrive in these vehicles to help these communities.

It’s worth knowing that businesses also care about the larger needs of the world around them and will try to do as much for their communities as they can, aside from simply making revenue. Promotional vehicles are versatile but also essential in some case


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