Pursue your Passion!

Nowadays, more and more people want to own a business than work for one.  Long gone are the days, for many, where punching a clock and living to work for someone else’s dream suffice.  Even the economic turmoil that occurred in recent years doesn’t scare the mind of an entrepreneur. So what do you do when you feel stuck in your job and unable to transition to your own dream?  You plan; Plain and simple.


First, know what you really want to do.  This may seem like something that is so obvious, but when asked, you may find yourself stumped.   Make it your business to know what you want and be able to sell it in 30 seconds or less. You never know if the person you run into holds the keys to an opportunity that will catapult you into another professional dimension.


A great way to get yourself out there is to create marketing tools.  This can range from the general business card and website to an ad in the newspaper and most certainly social networking!  Making yourself known and slowly build your business and clientele while you’re at work, so you can have more of a ground to stand on when your time is up.  You will not only be more secure, but will also have more contacts through your networking that will be able to add value to your transition time.


Yes, you may be at work during the day, but the work you do at night will count the most.  Ladies and gentlemen, the name of the game is sacrifice.  You cannot give your all during the day for someone else’s dream, but neglect your own.  Your personal evening time now belongs to your dream.  Even if you have a family and a spouse, make it your business to accomplish at least 1-2 tasks.  By doing this, something will shift.  Your energy and thoughts will be in the direction that respects your goals and deems them just as, if not more important than your traditional work duties.  It may be difficult at the beginning, but after a while, it will become a way of life.


The risk of leaving the hum-drum consistency of your job may be frightening, but the reward will be amazing!  What you decide today, will show its face 10 years from now.  What reflection do you want looking back at you?  Go forth and pursue your passion!


Stephanie Benoit

Stephanie Benoit is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in motivation and empowerment. Having been an editor, writer, and contributor for several magazines, she also loves to share her gift of writing with the world. She aspires to inspire people to reach their goals and God-given purpose. Being a young woman with dreams that include speaking and flourshing her own business, she is on an unstoppable journey to fulfull the desires of her heart and evoke a movement for all generations. To reach Stephanie, email her at sbenoit1@gmail.com or follow her on instagram: @stephaniebenoit

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