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Q & A w/ BAE! Empire’s Ta’Rhonda Jones Spills Personal Tea on TV’s Hottest Show!

Q & A w/ BAE! Empire’s Ta’Rhonda Jones Spills Personal Tea on TV’s Hottest Show!

When it comes to Fox’s hit series, Empire, calling it phenomenal is not justice! With an amazing cast, juicy story lines, and a family so rife with drama you will swear Dallas just met the Jackson 5. We love all the characters and their actors from this amazing show, but none make us laugh quite as hard as Cookie Lyon’s sidekick/personal assistant, “Porsha,” portrayed by  the talented Ta’Rhonda Jones. This lovely lady and rising star keeps us on our toes and searching for tape to deal with our gut busting laughter! Even during a Q & A, Ta’Rhonda manages to keep it fun, funky, and classy. Check out what she had to say to us below:

All Photo Credits: Sam Zachrich

What is it like being on a big show like Empire?
It’s an honor! Especially working with all those phenomenal actors & actresses! It’s a dream come true.

Porsha was a supporting character last season. What is going to happen to her this season to warrant her becoming a main character. Will she get that recording contract with Lyons’ Dynasty?
Porsha does throws out there that she’s musically inclined, so I can’t really say what’s in stored for her, but I’m definitely hoping for big things

What is Porsha’s end game in the Lyons’ Den? Everybody on the show seems to have a motive.
Porsha really doesn’t have one at the moment, her focus is to try & maintain the one job she has

People have cited too much homosexuality on the show as a reason for a drop in the show’s ratings. Do you agree?I do, but then I don’t…. Some people aren’t used to seeing certain things

The show is already edgy what do you think could happen next with any of the characters that would push the envelope?
If Porsha ended up doing her music! lol

There have been a number of guest stars on the show who has been your favorite to work with?
Vivica A Fox! She is so cool & down to earth… She’s my auntie in my head lol!


Raven Symone was on the show last season and made a comment about ghetto or name that are too ethnic. Being that your name is Ta’Rhonda what do you feel about her recent statements?
She’s entitled to her opinion, but I do believe a person should never judge someone based off their name…. It’s not like I had a choice to pick my name

Television’s landscape is diversifying. Is it becoming easier to be a Black actress?
I believe you have to have what it takes!

If you could marry one of The Lyon Bros. which one would it be and why?
Andre… Because everyday I know I’ll be in for a surprise … & nothing is more romantic than surprises lol!

Becky has a love interest now, will Porsha be getting one?
You never know dealing with Empire… Anything is possible

How similar and dissimilar are you to your character?
We’re very similar…we’re both free spirited individuals.. I’m just not as lazy & green as Porsha

What is it like working with veteran actors like Terrance and Taraji? What have you learned from them?
It’s actually pretty cool… I’ve learned that you just gotta roll with the punches, but most of all DO YOU!


Tell us about a day on set.
Crazy long hours! But FREE food! It’s pretty much like a family reunion BBQ on set. We all get excited when we see each other as if we didn’t see one another the day before! It’s always fun & games, which makes it not feel like work.

What do you do when you aren’t working? What’s a day in your life like?
I’m always cooking for friends or just making time for my family…. & shopping DUH!

Are you single? Who are your celebrity crushes?
My celebrity crush would be Michael B Jordan (emoji: heart Eyes)

Tell us something most people don’t know about you. Ex. A weird talent or craving you get from time to time.
I cannot leave the house without putting or drawing my eyebrows on! Lol! I need eyebrows, otherwise I look like a weirdo.

What other projects do you have coming up?
Right now.. I am just focused on my music… Other projects I rather keep confidential but it’s gonna be SUPER DOPE!

Any advice for other aspiring actors?
The sky is not the limit, after all they did find footprints on the moon! Never give up on your dreams!

Leave us with a quote to live by.
“Lie & Steal” lie down your own rules & steal every opportunity that comes your way!

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