Sheryl Underwood shocked viewers of “The Talk” last week when she shared a secret. She Underwoodtold her co-hosts that the reason she wasn’t involved in the Queens of Comedy was because of a conversation she overheard where the other comedy queens–sans Mo’Nique–had fun at Underwood’s expense. Both Adele Givens and Laura Hayes, who were on the conference call, aren’t happy with Underwood for coming clean and have something to say about it.

“There’s a conference call. And in my enthusiasm, I want to be punctual,” explained Underwood. “So I dial into this conference call, thinking that I’m going to be on time. So I dial into this call and what I hear is Sommore, Adele Givens and Laura Hayes talking about me on this call. I hear discussions about my appearance. I hear discussions about my ability, ‘why is she going to be a part?’ ‘what do we need her for?’ This is my recollection of this call. And I was startled and hυrt. I was so shocked and hυrt that I could not unmute my phone to go ‘Aye bιtch, I hear you!’”

Adele Givens mocked Underwood with a tweet: “Wow! The View must be pulling some really great ratings! ” The View is competition to Underwood’s show, The Talk.

Laura Hayes Instagrammed a picture of a wig with the caption, “Now I have take time out of my artistic hustle to respond to this bulls**t COMING SOON Misslauraresponsetosherylunderwoodproducersofthetalk.com #gotmypressureup #aintnobodygottimeforthis #gotpeoplelookingatmesideways #youknowyougotbettersecretsthanthat #interuptingmyediting”

Underwood says she doesn’t harbor any animosity at the ladies who made fun of her.

“I’m not mad at any of these women,” Underwood said, “I thank them for the blessing of telling me something that maybe I needed to hear because this is where I needed to get to and they helped me get there.”

Comedian Sommore, who was also on the call, has not yet commented. This is really chocking and it goes to show that even celebrities can be bullies. Was Underwood wrong to finally come clean about what she heard? I mean lets be real, we have all wondered why she wasn’t there.