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Quick Health and Fitness Tips

1) Don’t be afraid to ask a fitness professional in your local gym how to properly do an exercise.

-Don’t just be in the gym doing what you see others do.  Proper form and technique can prevent you from injury and assures that you are developing the desired body part.

2) Don’t jerk in your reps.

-You should strive to be able to do every motion smoothly throughout your entire rep. This prevents injury as well as properly works your muscle.


3) Don’t have a gym partner but want to go heavy to gain strength?

-Not a problem.  You don’t have to go heavy for strength gains. Instead, workout with a moderate weight and lift until muscle failure.  You will soon find that that moderate weight will start increasing as you gain strength.


4) Discouraged about your body fat percentage number after using one of those electronic device?

-Don’t be.  More times than often that calculation is not accurate.  Electronic devices send an electromagnetic pulse through your body to detect your numbers.  However, they have a hard time differentiating between what is body fat and what is muscle.  If you want an accurate body fat percentage, find someone who properly knows how to use a caliper. | Instagram: @The_Body_Sculptor | Facebook: jdbodysculptingllc

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