Racks to Runways: 5 Looks from Fashion Week That You Need in Your Closet

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Fashion Week (or month) is over, but we’re still coming off that oh-so-good high from all of the clothes that we’ve. New York City, London, Milan, and Paris all pulled out all the stops on us. They’ve even given us new ideas and amazing looks. The thing left to do is to decide which looks will make it into our closets. Let’s take a look at a few runway looks that you might want to snatch up.


Tommy Hilfiger

Let’s kick things off with this little number. This look is from Tommy Hilfiger‘s runway show during London Fashion Week. It’s a classic American look with denim “short shorts” and a black crop top turtleneck. The boots and thigh high stockings are excellent accent pieces. However, the signature overcoat brings everything together.

Everything from this look is something basic that should already be in every women’s closet, or at least every woman between the ages of 18-32, except for the overcoat. The overcoat is a great investment for the Fall.

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Tom Ford

During New York Fashion Week, Tom Ford gave women the best suits that money could buy. The designer is one of the most forward-thinking minds in the realm of modern suit wear. He’s done it time and time again with menswear so it’s not surprising that he did it with women.

Broad shoulders, great structure, and quality materials make these women suits a winner. And the fact that he’s shown women how to dress them up and down makes it a transitional item, which is like having a golden ticket.



Like Chanel, Burberry will forever be a staple in fashion. Most of their garments are classic and can be worn in any time period. If you’re a child of fashion, you should have a Burberry trench coat. If really doesn’t matter which one you get, however, their most recent line of coats have modern structures with classic design. There’s really no option here, but to get one.

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All of Fendi‘s looks this season were for fashion-forward, business-minded women. This top and leather skirt number is so simple to put together, but it looks like it belongs on a runway. Oh right, it was on a runway. The Fendi women who walked in their Milan show all looked like glamourous bosses.



Hands down, This look is sexy. And isn’t that what Versace is for? Donatella Versace managed to outdo herself this year. She first put out an amazingly sexy collection for there VERSUS Versace line during London Fashion Week. However, her Versace collection in Milan stole the show. Every look is sexy and sophisticated at the same time. But, this gold and black dress with thigh-high boots is something that every man would like for their wives, and mistresses, to wear.

If you buy this dress, make sure you hide it well, because your girlfriends and your daughters will be looking to snatch it out of your closet.

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