Rapper Bobby Shmurda Arrested at New York’s Infamous Quad Studios

Rising talent Bobby Shmurda was led out of the notorious Quad Studios in Midtown Manhattan  in hand cuffs during the predawn hours of Wednesday morning. He was taken into custody based off gang conspiracy and a series of shootings that devastated the city law enforcement sources told The Daily Beast. Not only did Narcotics detectives obtain a search warrant to search the studio and his car parked nearby , three guns were found sources say. The Miami born rapper (whose real name is is Ackquille Jean Pollard) is believed to be tied to a string of gang related shootings, drug related crimes, and acts of violence police sources say. Other guns were found on Bobby Shmurda friends who were searched by Narcs.

Lets not forget that the Quad Studios is where a decade ago the rapper Tupac was ambushed by a trio of shooters. Even though he survived the attack, this event was the building blocks of a East coast vs. West coast feud that caused him to depart this realm. One would think its not the person maybe the location. No one would know because we are unaware of when its our time to go. Bobby Shmurda was signed to Epic Records at the release of his videos ” Hot N#$@%”and the catchy “Shmoney Dance” which drew in over seven million views. 

Jarius Tommillson

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