Raven-Symone is Dragged By Twitter for Shading Rappers!

“So you mad or naw?” That is why Twitter’s reaction has been to actress/singer, Raven-Symone. Apparently Raven is once again on everyone’s bad side after she shaded Jay-Z, Diddy, T.I., and other notable rappers in a photo from their appearance at the Rocc Nation Brunch last week.

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Raven-Symoné was slowing winning people back with her super cute ‘Raven’s Home’ show on the Disney Channel, but unfortunately the actress managed to piss everyone off again with recent Instagram comments.

The television star reposted a photo including T.I., Jay Z, Diddy, and others gathering at the Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch.

The photo featured a caption that criticized the men’s success:

“A group of so-called ‘successful’ Black men (minus Khalid [sic] racially) who became rich and famous from perpetuating the worst Black stereotypes to the ears and eyes of the whole planet like drug dealing, pimping, murdering other Black men and disrespecting Black women. I know, making observations is being a hater. Cheers.”

Raven captioned the photo with a set of emojis—the monocle, the mouthless face, and a yellow heart—that suggested she agreed with the sentiment.

She later deleted her post, but then posted a note stating she stands by everything she said:


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Honestly, we did not see anything wrong with the gathering of Black artists, actors, moguls, and media at the Rocc Nation Brunch. To us it is a clear example of nation building and uplifting one another. We are not sure what has gotten Raven-Symone in such a tizzy again, but we need her to focus on her show, Raven’s Home–AND THAT’S IT!

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