Ray J Gets Real on ‘The Real’

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Just a few days ago Ray J hit the set of ‘The Real’ to chat on the couch with the ladies about love, relationships, and marriage.  While Ray J is commonly known for sewing his wild oats, it seems his new lady friend may be the cause for the R&B singers growth.  During his sit down with the ladies of ‘The Real’ he shared his plan for his relationship.

“Tamar Braxton: You wanna propose to her on here? Trust me, I mean… I can make that happen for you if that’s what you want to do. I mean… not today. I know you got to wait to go see, you know, Raphael and everything.

Ray J: Yeah, she probably ain’t ready to do that yet.

Adrienne Bailon: She’s not ready? But are you ready?

Ray J: I gotta put in some more work first. I gotta pay my dues.

Adrienne Bailon: Okay! But Ray J…

Ray J: Let me pay my dues.

Adrienne Bailon: Can we say the announcement here and now that you would be ready to get married and settle down now.

Ray J: Absolutely, but she gotta trust me. And I want her to trust me. So I got work to do.”


In addition to Ray J opening up about his personal growth and relationship, Tamar also recounted a personal anecdote of a moment she shared with Lady GaGa. If you’ve been keeping up with ‘Tamar & Vince’, then you’re probably privy to the health issues Vince has been battling. Tamar recounted one of her darkest moments while waiting in the hospital waiting room.

Tamar Braxton: You know when Vince first met his artist umm, Lady Gaga, and she went on tour…

Loni Love: Don’t try to just slide right through that. Lady Gaga? Thank you!

Tamar Braxton: So he sent her this necklace so she wouldn’t feel alone, right? So a couple of years later my husband got sick and he was in the Intensive Care. He was in an induced coma. I mean… I was a hot mess. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I felt alone. So we was in the waiting room and she was like, “Tamar come here I need to talk to you for a second.” And I’m like, “what’s the tea boo?” She’s like, “well, umm…, I don’t know if you know this but Vincent gave me this chain when I was on my first tour because I used to cry to him and I felt so alone and nobody understood me. I’m by myself. And I just want to give this to you so you don’t feel alone and by yourself.” And I was like… I held on to it. I didn’t give it back to her because I felt like now, whenever somebody in my life or one of my friends needs it. I’m going to pass it on and we are going to just keep passing it on.


Daytime talk couldn’t possibly be any better! The five fashionable young women of ‘The Real’ continue to prove why their show deserves its title.  Through their genuine camaraderie, and down to earth conversations, it’s no wonder the show is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite talk show. Move over Wendy!

Check out clips from the show and tell us what you think!

ray j, the real, love, marriage, engagement


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