R&B Divas Atlanta Host Seperate Premiere Parties + Video

Last night, R&B Divas Syleena Johnson and Nicci Gilbert hosted two separate parties, far away from each other in Atlanta. I had the pleasure of attending Syleena’s party with new members LaTocha Scott and Angie Stone. What you see on and off is very real! The tension and drama is THICK and if you check the ladies twitter feed, it’s not lightening up anytime soon. I’m not sure why the ladies are’t fond of each other, they’re both alike in many ways. *Kanye Shrug*

A few insiders confirmed that although the women are respectful in front of  the public, cast members have taken sides and don’t all get along. The ‘mushing’ incident that went down, hasn’t been repaired, although  they are finished filming. We’re also told that there are some unresolved issues  between one of the show’s producers, Phil Thornton (he’s  photographed above at Syleena’s party) and co-creator, Nicci–last season, the  two got into a slight twitter argument.

Well, the ladies brought what is needed for a reality show to survive, a lot of drama and messiness. Who’s team are you on? Team Syleena or Team Nicci Catch the new episode here + pics from both parties.



Photo Credit: CME 3000