R&B Divas LA Lil’ Mo Is Back and Booked With “I’m A Diva” Single

Lil’ Mo The Godmother is back y’all!!! Her new single “I’m A Diva” is available on iTunes now and you should spend your dollar and save her life and she put on Twitter. While I haven’t listened to it in it’s entirety, Mo already has me sold just on the snippet of the R&B Divas LA intro. (I sing it like all thee time…I believeeee, in me, in me, in me, in me) Lil’ Mo has done what some of her cast mates should’ve done and taken a second chance at her career with multiple streams of venue. She has eyeglasses, t-shirts, and has coined the phrase “I’m booked” better than it’s creator Kelly Price. I guess Kelly is too booked to capitalize on the way this new music culture and reality TV works. *shrugs*


Anyhow, you can support The Godmother buy purchasing her new single here and over at Amazon. Follow Mo on Twitter and Instagram  for all booked bookings LOLOLOL Also tune in tonight for the second part of the reunion show!


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