[New Music] From ‘Peaches And Cream’ To ‘Strawberry’: R&B Group 112 Makes A Sultry Comeback

Next on our list of 90s R&B groups to make a comeback is 112. The bad boys of R&B: Q, Mike, Slim, and Daron are back to serenade women worldwide with their latest single “Strawberry.”

R&B group 112 makes a sultry comeback.


It’s been 12 years since the group released their fifth studio album Pleasure & Pain. If you love the tracks “Cupid,” “Anywhere,” and “Peaches And Cream” then you understand why 12 years is entirely too long to wait to hear a song from the iconic quartet.

The group’s latest single “Strawberry” is just a sneak-peak of what to expect from their next album. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, 112 is releasing an album. An album that will put the group back on the forefront of R&B music. Unfortunately, 112 hasn’t released an official release date.

For years, we’ve been waiting for 112 to release a single, album, video, anything to quench our thirst for a sensual R&B song. “Strawberry” is the perfect thirst quencher “Strawberry” is an ode to women who aren’t afraid to be to be their unique and sexy self.  It’s the track you need, better yet, the track you must have on repeat before date night. I guarantee listening to “Strawberry” will make the evening a tad bit sweeter.


If “Strawberry” is any indication of what to expect from 112’s upcoming album, then it’s clear, the Atlanta natives are back in full force. Who’s ready for a 112 reunion tour? Listen to 112’s latest single “Strawberry” below.

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