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R&B singer Angie Stone goes to jail!!!

R&B singer Angie Stone goes to jail!!!

R&B singer Angie Stone was arrested Monday in Georgia for domestic aggravated assault & the victim is her 30-year-old daughter Diamond Stone.

We all know how heated family arguments/disagreements can go from “0 to 100 real quick” easy and sometimes over the smallest things. In this particular case things reached 1000 & maybe because of the high amount of estrogen in the room words were said & someone’s teeth literally was knocked out.



Here is what the Dekalb County tells TMZ.

“53-year-old Angie told police her daughter Diamond punched her in the face. Angie then told police she defended herself with a metal stand, but accidentally hit Diamond in the face … knocking out her front teeth.
Angie told police once she realized the mistake she put down the stand and tried to flee … but claims Diamond came after her again. A family friend eventually broke up the fight. Diamond told police the argument started when Angie complained Diamond didn’t clean up after her children. Diamond was also taken into custody, but eventually released without being charged.”


The 3 time Grammy nominee singer Angie Stone has been known for her soulful sound and feel good music for many years now. Very seldom did we see or hear anything remotely close to this, wait let’s not forget all the drama from R&B divas.- this still situation still trumps all of that tv drama.

Diamond Speaks out via Facebook

“People are so quick to pass judgment but never really know the full story. Never uphold people in wrong no matter who they are I’m crushed but I ain’t dead so for the people that praise “her” keep right on just know that it ain’t over. You so big and bad but had to use a weapon on me in a fight that you started. You giggled on the inside because you thought I was going to jail too.?#?Wrong? I’m sick of putting up these fronts and because you took shit to another level I will too. I love all my family but I cannot take anymore abuse so I’m separating myself from it all. I pray God heals us from this but from where I sit there is no turning back cause if you ain’t wit me you against me. You so worried about to media and the press but I promise you this I will not rest until my story is heard!”

There you have it folks Angie Stone and her daughter may just be at war and not just because of this incident. The Stone family is no different from any other family every family has its dysfunction and their deeply rooted issues lets just hope that things find a way of working out on a more positive note for the Stone family.


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