The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “50 Shades of Shade”

The latest episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta began with Cynthia and Peter showing a united front. Bar One is soon to close due to their landlord’s foreclosure and has to be relocated. Peter manages to find a spot in Atlanta’s Historical District of Sweet Auburn Avenue. Although the property will require some major renovations Cynthia is pleased with and reveals she is going to invest in his business to have a say in everything he is doing. Elsewhere, Claudia pays Kandi a visit at The Kandi Factory, hoping to get to know her better. She greatly admires Kandi’s success and drive. There, they find they are both blunt and open with their sexuality. Kandi tells her she is restarting her online show, “Kandi Koated Nights,” and would love to have her on as a guest. Claudia jumps at the opportunity and suggests she does something all the girls can come to and discuss sex. Kandi has a few ideas, but is reluctant due to the inner conflicts of their circle. At Iwi, Kenya and her aunt get organic facials and discuss her reconciling with Porsha and Nene.


Phaedra seems more ready than ever to move on from Apollo and hires a few contractors to build her a gate to keep any trespassers out. She even wants it electrified! Thankfully, that will not be possible. Apollo arrives home just in time to meet them, but is disappointed she did not wait until after he was incarcerated to get the gate done. Later, Phaedra receives a Legacy Award, one of Atlanta’s highest honors, despite the negativity Apollo has brought to her “good name.” She is thankful her colleagues can see past her current situation, and husband, to see the work she has done. She remains steadfast and determined to be a powerful single mother. Nene receives news from her manager about a number of Broadway offers, she likes them but is reluctant to be the stepmother in Cinderella because she does not feel she is a mean person. Kandi and Claudia have fun on Kandi Koated Nights, with a few frank and blunt questions about Claudia’s past and rumored involvement with Jamie Foxx. Todd films the show and provides the questions, which are racy and humorous to say the least.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5

Later, Kandi hosts a sex-themed party at her home for the ladies to be able to openly discuss their experiences, relationships, and pleasures. Everyone arrives and initially get along until Kenya tries to hug Nene and she pulls back. Nene then gives Claudia the cold shoulder. The latter pulled her to the side trying to see if they are okay. Nene reveals Claudia hangs with a few people she is not very fond of. As the festivities begin, Kandi introduces an activity she feels will be fun for the ladies to try and based on the sex expert’s recommendations and attempts to make everyone get along she tries to bind Cynthia and Nene together; who promptly refuses and tells the group she and Cynthia re not friends. Kandi hates that Nene is ruining her party, but does get Kenya to have fun with her. She then suggests they discuss their relationships. Each of the women does until it is Demetria’s  turn and she tells them about Roger Bob. Kandi’s friend reveals she was dating him the same time they were. The mood instantly becomes awkward and Demetria  excuses herself. She tells Cynthia the girl is lying and she is sure of it. Back in the house, the ladies weigh in on their opinions of Demetria’s relationship.


Shade, shade, and more shade! Honestly, Nene needs to stop. Although we could tell you were being sarcastic with Kenya when you “squashed your beef,” you and Cynthia seemed to be moving on. Stop trying to hurt her like she allegedly hurt you, it is not a good look. Claudia is definitely a cool girl, but she should beware of Nene. She has got it in for her and it looks like it will only end bad. However, my heart goes out to Demetria.  She is a very sweet, very talented girl. Honestly, that felt like an ambush and Kandi  should have checked her friend. She knew when she saw Demetria  what the deal was. All I can say is “Mean Girls” is more than a movie!



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