The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “No More Apollogies”

The latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” had two of the show’s couples at odds. Phaedra and Apollo continued to remain distant, even Aidan’s dentist appointment found them awkward around one another. Elsewhere, Kandi and Todd discuss the former deciding to get her mother a new house. Todd feels Kandi is too soft when it comes to her mother and is still bothered by how she still is not happy about their marriage. Joy enters the show as Nene continues to do her Zumanity show in Las Vegas. She finds her appearance to be a bit drag queen-ish but is enjoying her time on the show. She is even getting use to the orgies on stage. Back in Atlanta, Peter decides to celebrate Cynthia’s magazine spread in Ebony Magazine’s “The New Sexy,” by throwing a party for her at Bar One. Cynthia looks stunning in her spread and is happy about the party, but tells her husband not to invite Porsha based on the things she has been saying to the media about her.


Nene’s show goes off without a hitch and she masters the stage. Back in Atlanta, Kandi and Mama Joyce go house shopping. They seems to decide on a house. There, they discuss her trying to get pregnant and how Joyce does not care for Todd’s mother still. Kandi hopes she and Todd’s families will one day become one. Phaedra clings to her motherly duties, opting to cling to her boys than go outt. Later, at Cynthia’s party, the girls–minus Nene, Phaedra, and Porsha–arrived in support of her. Kenya had her friend, Claudia Jordan in tow. There, the latter reveals she works for Dish Nation alongside Porsha. Kandi stirs the pot by asking Kenya about Porsha and the charges she brought against her. Kenya declines to offer wanting to enjoy her night. Kandi is taken back by the dissolution and alliances of friendships around her.


Apollo arrives and things get awkward. Immediately, Kenya and Claudia excuse themselves to the restroom. The latter makes shots at Apollo about not wanting her purse or identity stolen! Kenya decides to leave early, but Apollo stops her so that he can apologize. He apologizes if he has ever hurt or embarrassed her, but she tries to get him to tell the truth about what really happened between the two of them in Los Angeles. He back pedals and leaves her outside. He comes back AGAIN and apologizes, this time for lying about her offering him felatio; and that it never happened. Everyone is taken back by Apollo’s admissions. A few of them even feel they owe Kenya an apology. Kandi is angry and warns them Phaedra will be pissed!


This episode was beyond messy. Everyone, including Kandi, was doing the most. The shenanigans have got to stop and Apollo has got to stop thinking he is slick! He only apologized to Kenya so he can get some money on his books! Did anyone notice Claudia’s lackluster introduction. For someone who is suppose to be an actual housewife she has not been in any of the major promo material and that introduction (if you want to call it that) makes me wonder did she sign her contract? Either way I am ready for her and Nene to face off. Speaking of which, I need her to have a better story line, the Zumanity thing is played out!

Next Week—> Nene and Porsha discuss Claudia, Porsha and Cynthia face off, Phaedra reels from the truths about Apollo


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