The Real Housewives of Atlanta- “Divide and Ki-Ki”

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Clash of The Titans, Nene and Claudia continue to read each other like old encyclopedias as the episode begins. After they finish the mood of the group has clearly soured, causing a divide among the women. Nene, Porsha, Phaedra, and Kandi stay at the table while Claudia, Kenya, Demetria, and Cynthia decide to end their night. Kenya apologizes to Demetria for the ladies’ behavior. Claudia apologizes to the ladies too but felt she was right in standing up for her. Cynthia applauds Claudia for her reading skills. Nene tells her crew that she does not appreciate Claudia trying to jump into their conversation. She and the others recap the happenings of the night, with Claudia pointing out Porsha’s snickering during the whole event. Nene tells Phaedra she threw shade at Demetria, much to Kandi’s dismay.



The next morning Claudia wakes up before the other ladies and has a pina colada with extra rum for breakfast. Back at the hotel, Nene and crew sit down for breakfast. Phaedra contemplates leaving Puerto Rico early and missing Demetria’s performance not wanting to cause anymore negativity. At breakfast, Cynthia continues to applaud Claudia for her read the night before. They decide to enjoy their vacation to the fullest. Kandi goes to check on Demetria as she performs and wishes her good luck. Phaedra ultimately decides to stay after Demetria apologizes to her. She accepts her apology and apologizes for offending her. They agree to move forward and support one another. On the beach, Kandi films te ladies as they discuss the happenings of Puerto Rico. Nene tells them she hates how women try to take away each others’ accolades when they get into a spat. Kandi announces she is having a redo of her Bedroom Kandi party to lighten the mood with everyone. That night, all the ladies gather together on the beach and participate in the games Kandi has come up with. They pass a dildo to each other from knee to knee, dropping out in musical chairs fashion. The party definitely works and the ladies end their night on a high note. Demetria goes to bed early to rest for her performance the next day.


On the bus to Demetria’s performance Nene announces she will be in Cinderella on Broadway and has secured two tickets for each of the ladies to see her in it. She tells them she does not want them to continue to snatch away each other’s successes and accolades. Everyone is thankful for the tickets and Nene’s goodwill, but Claudia seems bent on reminding her she snatched her accolades first! The two begin to argue again as Claudia calls her out on her disrespect and then goes in on Porsha for cosigning with laughter. She tells her she knows for a fact Porsha has been sleeping with a married African man who bought her, her Rose Royce and expensive purses. Porsha is clearly bothered. The ladies arrive late to Demetria’s performance and only hear her closing song. Demetria sings wonderfully and the ladies seem to really enjoy her song. Puerto Rico ends at a stand off with the ladies clearly divided and Porsha ready to head home!


Claudia Jordan is the mistress of reading! Thanks for putting Nene in her place! I really enjoyed Demetria’s song, it is definitely an amazing piece of music. However, her friends are as treacherous as Hazel E.’s! These girls are not her friends and she needs to know that from the jump. No more trips for these ladies! Who shows up to see someone perform on the closing song!? GIRLS BYE!


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