Real Housewives of Atlanta Finale Recap: Porsha Actually Snapped!

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“Stop trying to play the victim when you are actually the villain!” These words are probably one the realest words Porsha ever spoke! Social media tells so much and the world is has let it be known that #TeamPorsha is winning right now. I must say that since Kenya Moore has been a part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise, it seems as if Bravo payed her specifically to stir the pot and antagonize the group. Let’s just list SOME of the drama she’s been involved with, disrupting the couple’s night that Nene set up, being inappropriate with Phaedra’s husband, speaking negatively about Kandi’s weight, disrupting Cynthia’s model call, and continuing to BULLY Kenya! Now is that anyway that a former Miss USA should act?! Something just is not right!

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