Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Recap: Mama Joyce Goes In!

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Well well well, Mama Joyce has struck again. Soon after the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale part two, there were many people once again giving their opinions about Mama Joyce. Was she drunk or was she high? One thing is for certain, Mama Joyce came with her gloves on to the reunion show. She was ready for whatever was being thrown at her! It seems that she still is not a fan of Kandi and Todd’s then relationship, now marriage. However she did practice, not saying anything because what she had to say was not nice at all. I feel for Kandi because a mother’s love and acceptance is what most if not all children strive for. Maybe one day Mama Joyce will lose her stone cold heart towards Todd and accept Kandi’s marriage. I mean as long as her coins aren’t being touched she should just give it up… right?!

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