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Reality is Life & Motherhood! Brie Bythewood Dishes on Life After “Blood, Sweat, & Heels!”

Reality is Life & Motherhood! Brie Bythewood Dishes on Life After “Blood, Sweat, & Heels!”

Reality television can be one daunting and hellish experience. Cat fights, backstabbing, and the eternal effort we know as “the grind;” rear their ugly heads in this often overly dramatic television genre. Still, a few individuals emerge from this rare experience unscathed and more determined than ever to leave their mark on the world. One of these amazing individuals is Brie Bythewood—businesswoman, philanthropist, journalist, reality star, and new mother!


You know Brie from Bravo’s hit reality series, Blood, Sweat, & Heels. There, she served as a normal balance to some of her crazier co-stars. “I joined the show letting everyone involved know I was going to be myself…I’m glad to be able to say I stuck to my guns and did that…” Indeed she did. As you may recall the first season of the show was rife with drama and controversy as she and five other dynamic women, Demetria Lucas, Melissa Ford, Daisy Lewellyn, Micah Hughes, and Geneva Thomas; navigated life, love, and success in New York City. “I really liked my cast mates and felt we had great chemistry…I am still very close with Demetria and Geneva…I love those girls…with Mica and Melissa not as much…”

City Sisters - Season 1

Recently, Brie announced her departure from the show, opting to remain true to herself. She has no ill will towards the venture and admits the upcoming second season looks exciting. “I can tell you from what I have seen and heard this is going to be one very interesting season…I’m kind of glad I won’t be apart of some of those scenes you see in the trailer…” Although she felt she was being herself while on the show, she admits due to editing much of the more exciting elements of her life that took place in the first season were left out. “The scenes people got to see of me that I was in I was being authentic but some things I feel like viewers would really have like to see just hit the editing room floor…For example I went only a really nice date and then later on we went to Monticello, this really nice country club and resort in upstate New York. While I was there I drove a race car! I mean how awesome is that…I really wish they [the viewers] could’ve gotten to see just how silly and quirky I can be…” Despite some of her misgivings concerning the show, she admits she would do reality television again. “If it were presented the right way and with an amazing concept I’d do it again, why not? It’s an amazing platform!” If she has learned anything from reality television it would be: “…to exercise my right to leave…”


Since her departure from the show, Brie has begun a new journey, role, and undertaking in life—motherhood! Yep, this lovely lady is now the proud mother of a one month old little girl named, Arya. Brie is ecstatic about motherhood and feels it is the single most important thing she has done in life. “I love my daughter! Motherhood feels amazing…to feel a love for someone that’s so pure and unconditional and all-consuming is amazing. She just lighted up my life!” Brie is on a “motherhood high,” and even reveals her pregnancy was relatively easy until her third trimester when she went into labor and was not aware of it until much later! “I was using the bathroom when my water broke so naturally I assumed that since I’m pregnant it was just extra pee…hours later I begin cramping like crazy and my boyfriend was timing them….he kept trying to tell me they were contractions and I was in labor but I refused to believe it because it wasn’t my due date… I thought they [my cramps] were false labor pains…the next morning I was trying to supervise movers bringing me my furniture and everyone was like, ‘Brie go to the doctor you’re having a baby!’ Finally I went in, they give me an epidural and as my doctor was checking me she [the baby] was already crowning! Yes, I’m really silly like that [she laughs]!”


Arya is one beautiful baby, but Brie admits having a newborn around requires lifestyle adjustments and prioritization. Thankfully, her boyfriend and parents have been a huge help to her. “I’ve definitely learned to do everything while she’s asleep and take naps in shifts…but my support system is amazing…” Even though motherhood can be daunting she encourages new mothers to take care of themselves as well. Simple things like brushing and styling your hair, moisturizing, and putting on lipstick go a long way. “It’s easy to lose yourself in taking care of your child but you have to look in the mirror and remind yourself you exist and are beautiful; and then do the steps to get back to the beauty you were before. That girl’s still there…”
Brie Bythewood is amazing, caring, and beautiful! Now she gets to bestow these attributes on her beautiful little girl. In the future she hopes to do more with journalism, television, and charity work. She believes in the motto; “Nothing ventured, nothing gained…” and with that she is going after what she wants! You may not see her on Bravo for the time being, but when you’re this talented and classy; your opportunities are as numerous as the stars!


Twitter/Instagram: @BrieBythewood


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