Repechage: Beautiful skin in a spray bottle!

If you are a beauty lover and embrace your skin, you will definitely enjoy this blog. Did you know there are products on the market that can moisturize the skin without the greasy feel or build up? Are you aware that seaweed, yes seaweed is an excellent tool to use on your journey to beauty utopia? Imagine having a facial moisturize at the ease of your hands. Whether its work, school, gym or a plane ride around the globe, this product can be utilized at its fullest potential. Repechage is an American based skin care company who has shaken up the beauty world with age defying sea recipes that hydrate, nourish, rejuvenate, rebalance and most essentially purifies the skin.


So I know you are dying to know…does it really works? Here is my answer. I recently had the chance to use The Algo Mist spray which is made for all skin types. This spray is full of good things such as seaweed, rich vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, and minerals that made my skin feel silky smooth. After I was washed my face, I applied the mist with closed eyes and massaged into my skin. Immediately, I felt a cooling sensation that awoken dry skin cells. “Beauty from the Sea” is a perfect phrase for this underwater lifesaver.

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