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Resell is the New Retail!


Clôsette, Inc. is a gem of timeless pieces that will never go out of style in all aspects of life. An organization like this is rare and unlike any nonprofit you have ever seen before. 

Clôsette finesses fashion. Utilizing today’s trends of high-end materialism, this organization designed a plan to finesse our generation into giving back in an effort to better the African American community and its impoverished diaspora. Reaching out to the upper echelon and  celebrities to consign their designer labels and all proceeds will go towards various global issues. One classic Chanel flap bag can provide food for thirty children for an entire month. Imagine what thirty of those bags can do for our country; imagine what those proceeds can do for Haiti.

We all love the finer things in life. It is an ugly admiration for the things we want and think we need. Think of those who are not as fortunate to be in the position to afford high-end commodities. There is something that we can do. What if our attraction to luxury could help disadvantaged communities that are in need of better education and healthcare systems?

Visit to find the latest designer handbags and shoes at an affordable price, high quality, and for a great cause!


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