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Rest & Recovery: How to Hack Your Sleep Hygiene

Rest & Recovery: How to Hack Your Sleep Hygiene


Portrait of young African American female sleeping in bed

When it comes to our health and well-being, and the busy and connected lives we lead, it can be hard to remember and realise how important proper rest and sleep are for our everyday functions.  

This can show by how it can affect us, both positively and negatively, especially when we don’t maintain a healthy balance or certain afflictions cause it to become lacking. 

From being overtired and sleep-deprived to that of insomnia, many things can cause us to lose those precious hours in the land of nod. 

However, there are ways that you can improve your sleep hygiene and regime and make sure that you get the best optimal recovery from day to day so that you can start each new one refreshed and anew. 

Therefore, let me give you some guidance on tips you can take to make sure you put your sleep schedule back in balance and so you wake each morning feeling well-rested. 

Young African American man lying in bed and sleeping

Shield your windows

When considering your sleep pattern, the sun does indeed act as the world’s natural timepiece. 

As it rises early, it can cause you to wake to a bright disturbance, if you don’t invest in window coverings. 

The quality set of curtains, especially those of the block out variety, allow you to dismiss the bright light from your bedroom first thing in the morning and keep it nice and dark and comfortable. 

This can potentially enable you to sleep more peacefully and, if you work night shifts, better during the day, while also giving you a proper means of privacy within the comfort of your home. 

Therefore, curtains and blinds are often a necessity when getting your sleep cycle back on track, both for closing at rest and opening to greet a new day.

Classic alarm clock, sleeping mask, clipboard and tea cup. Minimal concept of rest, quality of sleep


Be consistent

It may seem like a chore at first, and that you’re not going to fall asleep, but set a consistent bedtime schedule and time to actually go to bed. 

This is also if you set a certain alarm to wake you in the morning. 

By making a habit of what time you go to bed, you can improve your circadian rhythm, which is the signal in our brain that tells us to sleep, and hopefully gain a better means of restful sleep. 

Make a means to create a set of tasks you do before bed to get you into the routine that will get you better prepared for sleep and comfort. 

Watch what you eat, drink and inhale

Managing to get your sleep habits to a healthy pace can also come down to what goes into your body. 

It may sound obvious but it can often be common to have a craving for certain things we should avoid before we shut our eyes. 

Thus, there are a certain number of things to forgo when we are wanting and trying to get a good night’s sleep.

These include, as most well know, anything that includes caffeine, so soft drinks, coffee and chocolate. 

You can, however, switch these out for decaffeinated and herbal teas, such as chamomile tea. Cherries, strawberries and nuts, such as almonds, also help the production of melatonin to induce sleep. 

Therefore, make sure you take a trip to the toilet before going to bed so that your sleep isn’t interrupted so much during the night. 

Work out in the morning: 

While it may seem difficult to motivate yourself some days, getting in some exercise early in the morning can help your sleep overall. 

By being more active during the day, you not only give yourself the means to get out of bed, but you allow your body to relax later and eventually sleep with less to no disruption throughout the night. 

Eliminate noise from your sleeping environment: 

It may go without saying but having a cacophony of noise around you indeed disrupts a peaceful slumber. 

We all know of someone who may have a partner/family member who snores or noisy neighbours that can make either getting to sleep or staying asleep an absolute challenge.

You can remedy this by the use of earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones. These can help to block out the close surrounding noise and create a calmer environment in which for you to rest and recharge.

Sleep separate from a snorer: 

Alternatively, if you’re able, you can sleep in a separate room from your snoring partner. While it may seem drastic, it doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship is headed for disaster. \

Believe it or not, we all have different rhythms, particularly with sleep. While you may be an early riser, your partner may be a hibernating bear. By getting proper sleep, you can be more refreshed which puts you in a happier mood to communicate. 

However, it may be wise to arrange affection and intimacy a little bit before you go off to sleep, to help your bond, for this affection can show you that you still care and want them.

Sleeping mask, alarm clock, earplugs and pills on yellow. Healthy night sleep creative concept.


Therefore, when it comes to cleaning up and improving your sleep schedule, it is best to look at your environment, your routine and indeed, within yourself. Good luck and may you have pleasant dreams readers!


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