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How To Resuscitate An Old Twist out

How To Resuscitate An Old Twist out

“Twist out don’t fail me now!” in my best MISSY ELLIOT singing voice.

How many times have you twisted your hair on Sunday and by the following Sunday your twist out needed immediate resuscitation? The first day after a fresh twist out will having you feeling like a million bucks, ESPECIALLY after you’ve laid down every last baby hair. In order to stretch your twist out for as long as possible it is vital that you protect your tresses nightly by wearing a satin bonnet/scarf and or by sleeping on a satin pillowcase. If your first twist out experience wasn’t what you thought it would be just “dust yourself off & try again”. Maybe, the product that you used wasn’t for your hair type or the next time try smaller twist for a more defined curl pattern that will last longer then a thicker two twist.

How Do I Maintain My Hair At Night?

As busy as our lives can be, it would be so much easier to come home, flop in our beds and call it a night. It is so important to take 2-5 minutes (depending on the amount of hair that you have) before bedtime and protect your curly tresses. Wrapping your hair at night can be as simple as dividing your hair into sections, twisting your hair into a few large twist and throwing on a satin bonnet. If your hair is long enough you can use the pineapple method but pulling your hair up into a very loose pony tail. Lastly, by replacing your cotton pillowcase with a satin pillowcase you will saving your hair from potential breakage. The friction from cotton up against our hair can cause dryness which can lead to split ends and breakage.

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Night Time Hair Routine


So… Reviving a week old twist out, Resuscitating a week old twist out, Refreshing a week old twist out..its all the same thing. If you’re dying to get another week or two stretch from your old twist out then you’ve come to the right place.. we have the DEETS that YOU need!

Step 1: Use a wide tooth comb or pick and fluff out your hair from the root

Step 2: Separate your fluffed hair into as many sections as you prefer.

Step 3: Use a spray bottle with a water and conditioner mixture and give each section a nice spritzing.

Step 4: Take each section and two strand twist. The size of each twist depends on how   defined you want your curl pattern. The more defined, the longer you’ll be able to push out your revived twist out.

 Step 5: Let your hair air dry or if you’re in a rush turn your blow dryer on low heat and dry it that way for faster results. Once your hair is dry enough for you, untwist (or leave twisted..the longer the twist is left alone the better the results) lay your edges down for a sleek look.. & BOOM you’ve resuscitated your week old twist out!

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