Is It Me, Or Has History Repeated It Self Down The Runway?

Model walk runway Juicy Couture Runway Show
2017 Juicy Couture: Photography Victor Virgile/Getty Images

Seems like, we have been placed in a stylish time machine. From mesh tops, velour sweatsuits, statement belts, chokers, vibrant bright colors and metallics. High fashion designers are bringing theses old trends back, on the runway to be exact!

What makes fashion so important is that it is always ahead and loves to reminisce. Fashion is like time it moves fast and repeats history. Throughout this year Gucci has giving 1970’s vibes and less pop culture. Designers such as Raf Simons reintroduce the late 90’s oversized bubble coats worn by Rihanna and Migos. Juicy Couture has even relaunched the iconic velour sweatsuit giving us all Jenny from the block vibes.

But, my favorite returned trends this year are vibrant brights, logos and metallics. Hey! I can’t help it I’m a girly girl who loves her over the top fashions!


Image model photography in designer metallic clothing
Sally Lepointe Resort 2018
Photo Vogue- Sally Lepointe

Now this is not only a 1980’s classic but it represents the futuristic future. Gold, silver or anything shiny can grab everyones attention. making the ensemble more festive with sheen. Saint Laurent and Mulberry had no problem with providing a glossy sheen to the runway for 2017 summer trend. And, Sally LaPointe 2018 Resort collection for Vogue will make you feel like a platinum star. We wonder will the sheen make a return for fashion month?

Bright Colors

balenciaga ful w s17 pa 058 medium
Balenciaga Paris RTW Spring Summer 2017 October 2016

Vibrant, bold and bright! Why be afraid of a little color in your life.  We have Valentino, Celine’ and Balenciaga to thank for that. Will you only taste the rainbow this summer or can we bring it into fall.


Give me a Louis Vuitton logo printed handbag and you can’t tell me nothing! Logos were the thing in the 2000’s and they are heading back to the runway. Designers Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino are all about the logo. From t-shirts, belts, to handbags your favorite stylish late 90’s and early 2000’s girl is back!

Model in Moschino logan walking runway
Vogue Resort 2017 Moschino Photography Vogue by Moschino

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