Revenge of The Ex! “Match Made In Heaven’s” Shawn Bullard Nude Pix Leaked!

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!” We have heard this quote time and again–and it is one hundred percent true! This time however, the victim is a man new to the fame game, Shawn Bullard! As you know Shawn has been described as “America’s First Black Bachelor” and the object of affection for twenty eligible women on WE TV’s Match Made In Heaven. Recently, the season ended with the bachelor making his final choice among the ladies. Needless to say one of his ex-girlfriend was not too thrilled with his choice or his involvement with the show. Earlier today his  nude pictures were leaked to the internet!



The anonymous angry ex sent the pictures to Baller Alert with this to say:

“I use to date Shawn Bullard and everything in our relationship was perfect until he began filming his reality show.  He initially said that this was a great opportunity that he was going to take full advantage of for his businesses and that I had nothing to worry about. Things definitely changed once he started filming and getting attention from the THOTS on his show.  I’m brokenhearted and  just tired of these men not keeping it real. I really fell for Shawn and to add insult to injury he ends up picking one of those show THOTS over me…REALLY Shawn????!!! He played with my heart and although I never thought I’d have to resort to something like this…oh well KARMA IS A B****!  We exchanged SEVERAL nudes during our courting and he better be thankful that this is all I’m letting out…4 NOW!  Play on Shawn and I’ll let the world see you in action from the explicit videos we filmed together too!!!!  Pay attention to his tat in pics that confirms without a doubt that this  is indeed Shawn Bullard.”


Mr. Bullard has yet to come forward with any comments on these antics, but he is soon is the latest cover of Kontrol Magazine. Shawn is just the latest celebrity to have his smaller head shown to the world by some angry ex, woman, or jump off looking for a come up. Jussie Smollett, Jamie Foxx, and Chris Brown are just a few other famous names on a list that is apparently getting longer by the weeks. As a rule of thumb, if you are going to send nude pictures to anyone DO NOT include your face! Sorry Shawn!

To see Shawn’s much talked about pictures click the link here. WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES.

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