Written by: Danielle Elaine



Tonight the Bravo Network aired The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Husbands Revealed. The segment was staged at Peter Thomas’ club Bar ONE, and the owner himself as well as Todd Tucker the newly wed, Gregg Leakes, and Apollo Nida were all in attendance. Each one dressed handsomely, and seemed to enjoy the unfiltered moment of camaraderie. As soon as the men begin to sift through some lingering questions it is Apollo who is on the hot seat first. Peter being the vocal influence that he is immediately calls Apollo out for looking at Kenya’s butt as she walked up the stairs from the cave, on their trip to Mexico.  Todd even footnoted Apollo throwing Kenya in the pool, after he got a handful of her “stallion booty” which was the incident in Anguilla that started his relationships public downward spiral. The questionable texts and one-on-one conversation they attempted to have was also brought to a head. Apollo tried to maintain his composure as he defended himself and told his side of the story.  He explained it was all “no harm, no foul”, and just being blown out of proportion. It was also revealed that Apollo felt his marriage had a rocky foundation, and he had no voice in the relationship. He disclosed that he and Phaedra are now in marriage counseling, and despite his lack of success, he is making an active effort to repair his relationship with his wife. While sharing his own experiences, Todd advised Apollo to “let Phaedra love you her way, not yours”, as he talks about learning how to appreciate Kandis’ love the way it is given, versus trying to change it. Throughout the entire segment it seemed that all the guys were schooling Apollo on his childish and selfish behaviors.



For the entire hour of filming Gregg continued to drop “Triple OG with a degree” jewels on the men about women, sex, and marriage.  He spoke on Todd and Mama Joyce saying, “as long as family wins that’s all that matters”. When Todd asked how to keep the bedroom alive after marriage Gregg said, “sex doesn’t change, people do…good sex at night starts with the hello in the morning”. PREACH PASTOR LEAKES! He went on to say that it is the anticipation throughout the day that hits a Home Run in the evening. Every man could learn a thing or two from Mr. Leakes.