Rich Dollaz? Not So Much. LHHNY Star Arrested For 11K In Child Support!


With a name like Rich Dollaz, you would think money wasn’t an issue. But the 43-year old music exec is in more than hot water after being arrested for child support!

Rich has been going back and forth with a woman named Chaundria Nicolle, over the paternity of a child she says is his, for quite some time. Rich refuses to claim the child and also refused to support them in anyway. She had him arrested in January for that reason, and since then, he still won’t give her any money.

On Sunday night, Rich and a few friends were in Jersey at a Five Guys restaurant. Police ran his plates for whatever reason, and found out he had a warrant for his arrest. TMZ reports Rich still had his food in his hand when Cops cuffed him. He’s currently still in custody at Hudson Jail, where he owes $11,000.00 in child support.

Earlier this year, another Love & Hip Hop star was arrested for child support payments. Do these guys know that these women know they’re getting paid for the show? They can’t keep saying “I don’t have it.” My question to all of this for Rich is….. WHY DON’T THEY JUST GET A DNA TEST?? It’s almost been an entire year of back and forth with a woman who’s basically saying one thing and he’s saying another. If they get a test and go through things the right way, a lot of headache would be avoided. Either the baby is his and he pays up, or the baby isn’t, and he can turn around and sue her. But the bottom line is that they need to be adults about this and come to some kind of solution.

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