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Rico Nasty, A.K.A Tacobella, Gives Trap Music A Pretty Little Twist

Rico Nasty, A.K.A Tacobella, Gives Trap Music A Pretty Little Twist

Rico Nasty

Sugar, spice, and lyrically nice, DMV native, Rico Nasty is rap’s next breakout star.

“My name really came out of nowhere honestly. At first, it was just my Instagram name and before I knew it, it was being used for my music. I’m Puerto Rican and black. So, sometimes I just add Rico on there. I’ve always liked that name. I just added nasty because I’m weird as shit.”

 Sugar Trap

The originator of sugar trap, Rico Nasty a.k.a. Tacobella, makes the struggle look pretty. Her uncanny way of turning absolute chaos into beauty derives from her unique spin on the sub-genre trap music.

“Trap music might make you want to beat a bitch ass or shoot somebody. With trap music, you want to be super aggressive. There’s no time for games. There’s no time for silliness. I feel like sugar trap is similar to the movie House of a Thousand Corpses. It’s almost like adding that evil satire, happiness twist onto the darkest shit you could ever see. The trap is dark. There’s nothing happy about it. Niggas are lost in the trap. Niggas lose their lives. Sugar trap shows you life can be bad, but it can also be bright and beautiful. You can beat a bitch ass then go do your makeup. You don’t have to be mad. This is not the soundtrack to be mad. This is the soundtrack to be a boss ass bitch.”

Rico Nasty’s Alter Ego

Hailing all the way from Washington D.C., Rico Nasty lives and breathes by the code of sugar trap. Tacobella, one of Rico’s many alter egos, is the epitome of sugar trap. She’s the fun girly girl fans witnessed in the tracks “Hey Arnold” and “iCarly.” Tacobella’s upbeat tempos and witty lyrics create the type of music you listen to simply to have a good time.

On the other hand, Tacobella’s ally Rico Nasty takes no prisoners. She’s hard, straightforward, and might I add, a cut throat savage.  Tacobella and Rico Nasty may divert lyrically, but when it comes to style, both personas are vibrant and pretty much out of this world.

Together Rico Nasty and Tacobella form a powerhouse artist with an incomparable sound. When asked, what city has the biggest impact on her sound, Rico referred back to her three-year stint in boarding school, the place where her love for artistry and musicianship began.

“Oddly enough, I want to say Baltimore. When I was living in Baltimore, I was going to boarding school. So, I was alone a lot. That’s when iPods and LimeWire came out. I was always downloading music illegally. I would listen to crazy Kanye West and Club Mix. K- Swift was poppin’ at the time. It was pretty lit out there. Their taste in music changed the way I saw music forever because it was club mix then there was go-go. It really had me curious on how many different sounds there are in music, and how weird you can make your sound to make it your own.”

Rico Nasty

Humble Beginnings

It wasn’t until High School that Rico began to take her craft seriously. What started out as a ploy to fit in with her classmates turned into an unexplainable addiction. Instead of burying her head in the books, Rico would much rather find the nearest studio and lay a verse. At one point, her love for music took a backseat.

At the age of 18, Rico became pregnant. Though her aspirations to rap never withered, Rico chose to focus on being a parent and raising her son. She got a full-time job to ensure she was able to rely on herself and no one else to provide for her son. In the midst of working a full-time job and taking care of her son, there was no time for rap.

Six months after having her son, Rico quickly realized she wasn’t cut out for the typical nine to five. Rap was the only outlet that allowed her to truly be herself.  Today, her grind is fueled by her passion, and most importantly, her son.

Rico Nasty
Rico Nasty’s released Tales of Tacobella in early May.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Since the release of Tales of Tacobella, Rico’s claim to fame has been non-stop, gaining notable attention from the likes of Issa Rae and rap’s rookie of the year, Lil Yachty. Her single “Poppin” was featured in season two of Insecure.

“I was pretty shocked because I didn’t know if it was going to be on there or not. I was told about it, but nothing was confirmed. When it came on, I was in L.A. It made me just want to walk around and sing the song everywhere. I was so happy, excited, and proud of myself.”

Insecure’s creator, Issa Rae posted the track on Twitter. Soon after, the video reached over 500,000 views. To make matters even better, Issa gave the track a whole new meaning.

“I loved her turn on it because at that very moment, “I’m a poppin’ ass bitch” wasn’t for a girl who’s hating on you. It was for a guy that’s trying to play you – “Let me remind ya”. That was crazy how she put her own spin on it. I love that!”

Sugar Trap 2

Being featured on HBO’s hit sitcom is just a mere fraction of Rico’s success. Rico landed a feature on The Fate of the Furious soundtrack with her friend and mentor, Lil Yachty. Since the very beginning, Lil Yachty encouraged Rico to be herself and reach for the stars. Without hesitation, Lil Yachty jumped on the remix to “Hey Arnold.” Together the eccentric duo created a smash hit.

It’s clear from Rico’s sold out shows and large fan base, that her rise to the top won’t slow down anytime soon. Her highly anticipated mixtape, Sugar Trap 2, will be available everywhere on Tuesday, October 24th. To pre-order your copy of Sugar Trap 2, visit the link below. For more of rap’s next breakout star, follow Rico Nasty on Instagram and Twitter.

Pre-order Sugar Trap 2https://riconasty.lnk.to/SugarTrap2.

Instagram – @rico_nasty

Twitter- @rico_nastyy







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