Rihanna Covers Up For Harper’s Bazaar Arabia & We’re In Love!

Aladdin would be speechless! Jasmine doesn’t have a thing on this Arabian goddess!!

Our favorite bad gal dropped a fashion-overloaded bomb on us tonight that has her Navy, fashion enthusiasts,  and style lovers everywhere fawning over her photos from her cover shoot with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Rihanna has slain us all and given us life at the same time!

In this beyond fabulous shoot, Miss Robyn is serving fierceness in sequined body suits, bedazzled ensembles, mesh-covered veils, flowy frocks, and more, giving us that edgy, high-fashion glamour that only she can! And the fact that she’s completely covered up makes this even better!  We LOVE this shoot!

I also loved how the Navy exploded when Rihanna posted these photos. I’m sure they’re still gasping for air and trying to pick themselves off of the floor! I guess it’s true: “…that Rihanna-reign just won’t let up!” Well slay, Miss Fenty, slay!

Let us know what you all think of Rihanna’s glamorous, Arabian shoot!

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