Are Rihanna & Kendall Jenner Bad Role Models?




Written By: @BradVintage


Throughout the previous weeks we have seen some of the most well known celebrities in ensembles that would make anyone do a double take. Of course that is the mission of every celebrity or celebrity stylist for branding/publicity purposes, but are people actually looking twice for a good reason? Recently, pop icon Rihanna flaunted the CFDA Awards red carpet wearing a nude sheer “Adam Selman” gown that left nothing to the imagination.


Although no one can take away the fact that Rihanna has the beauty and body to rock the outfit, was exposing her nipples and butt crack the best look to give with cameras flashing in every angle?

A more recent wardrobe controversy involves the half-sister to the Kardashian sisters, Kendall Jenner. At Sundays MuchMusic Video Awards red carpet in Toronto, Canada Kendall wore a “Fausto Puglisi” white long-sleeved gown featuring a jewelry embellishment with slits right up to her pelvic bones. Once again Kendall is 18 and served every bit of fashion and style, but was showing her pelvic bones the best way to accent her body in the dress?


My question to these celebrities is do they ever think about the young girls around the world who want to be just like them? Are they concerned about the message that is being portrayed to those that may think they need to expose their bodies to exude a sexier look and get more attention? Although most people with common sense know you are not supposed to look at celebrities as role models, there are still many people who worship them as idols. I do not feel these women should censor their sexiness or hide their beautiful bodies behind clothing but I do want them to realize they are the next fashion icons of our generation. With that being said lets focus on what designer you’re wearing, or how an outfit is made, and not what body part will be exposed next.