Rihanna Looking For Lebron James After Game 1 Of The NBA Finals???

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If you missed the first game of the NBA Finals series between the Cleveland Cavs and the Golden State Warriors, we pity you. The game didn’t cease to fall beneath our expectations last night as it was close the entire way and went into overtime. The Golden State Warriors took game 1 but that’s not why you’re here, I’m assuming. The more interesting story is why Bad gal Rihanna was outside of the Cavs locker room calling for the Cavs’ all-star baller Lebron James.

Rihanna At The Miami Heat NBA Playoff Game

Rihanna sat front row at the game in California for the most anticipated series of the post-season. The Caribbean songstress’ presence sparked a lot of tweets in regards to Cavs player J.R Smith, Rihanna’s former fling.

“J.R trynna show out in front of Rihanna” – @Twnty4kGold

“Rihanna at the game right?! J.R playing under pressure.” – @MartyaLaMode

“J.R. Smith cant score with Rihanna starring at him” – @landon_Lombardi

Here the epic twist though. After the game, Rihanna went into a tunnel near the Cavs locker room looking for, not J.R, but Lebron!! Yahoo! Sports reporter Marc Spears tweeted this:

“For some odd reason, Rihanna screamed “LeBron..” several times by Cavs locker room.” – @SpearsNBAYahoo

Spears wasn’t the only one that heard the calls.

“Rihanna is yelling LeBron’s name in player tunnel right now. Weird” – @Ronnie2K

Maybe she is just looking to cheer up a good friend?


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