Rihanna and Manolo Blahnik Collab!

Rihanna is dabbling in everything nowadays and we can say she definitely has a thing for shoes! The songstress is collaborating with one of the hottest shoes makers in the game—Mr. Manolo Blahnik. The duo came together to release a limited-edition shoe collection entitled Denim Desserts, which includes six shoe styles. The shoes will start at $895 to $3,995, each shoe will feature some type of denim detail and a little bit of sparkle and embroidery. The collection will hit stores on May 5th 2016 at the Blahnik’s boutiques in NYC, Hong Kong, and London.



This will be Rihanna’s second collaboration with another big brand, as she is currently the brand ambassador for Puma. The hot star is thrilled to see which women will purchase her shoes and even jokes that she will run after them in the streets to stop them for a selfie! On top of her thrilling news, Rihanna will also make a cameo in Blahnik’s upcoming documentary.


The collaboration between Blahnik’s and Rihanna just makes sense, they give you the best of both worlds—Classy yet edgy. RiRi has mentioned she is very particular on her style of shoes, so as RiRi fans we are looking forward to seeing the response on the market. What are your thoughts? Will you be purchasing these denim goodies?


Written by Jennifer Joseph


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