Rihanna May Be Stealing Zendaya’s Role in the Aaliyah Biopic


It seems like everyone has a strong opinion about Lifetime’s latest decision over the leading role in the biography if Aaliyah’s life.

We all know by now that Disney star Zendaya snagged the role of playing Aaliyah. Well it’s rumored that Rihanna has recently snatched that role right out of Zendaya’s hand.


Due from all the scrutiny the new starlet was getting, it has been alleged that they made a decision to drop Zendaya. It has also been rumored that Rih Rih is currently negotiating with Lifetime producers.

However a close source tells bloggers from Hollywoodlife.com that is not the case .

“If Lifetime could have got Rihanna they would have got her first,” the source said “Zendaya fits all the requirements the role needs. She’s young, she can sing, she can act and she has a fan base that will come over and watch the movie. Plus economically she is way more affordable then Rihanna would ever be.”