Rihanna’s fight with TopShop is Over

Rihanna wins the long legal battle with British retailer Topshop. The battle was about Topshop  using an image of Rihanna on a t-shirt without the singer’s permission.

Thursday, London’s Court of Appeal ruled that the retail store must ask the singer permission before using her image on clothing items. According to Rihanna’s lawyers, the image was from a  paparazzi photo taken at a video shoot that Rihanna had in Northern Ireland in 2011.


The battle began in 2013. Rihanna sued Arcadia Group (the parent company of Topshop) saying that selling a shirt without her permission is hurting her brand.

Topshop’s lawyers tried to make the argument that they have been using images of icons like Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Presley for years.

Despite their argument, the court ruled that Topshop’s appeal was dismissed. The court said that Topshop was disrespecting Rihanna’s rights. They believed that consumers will be under the impression that Rihanna endorsed the clothing item.


This is the first time in England that a celebrity has won this type of high profile case.

Now Topshop is banned from selling the shirt in any of their stores.

Maybe Rihanna’s win will encourage other celebrities to sue other companies about their use of unauthorized images.

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