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Riska Crowder: Makeup Maven

Riska Crowder: Makeup Maven

Have you ever seen a picture of your favorite celebrity and just marveled at their beauty? Their clothes are designer and perfect. The lighting is illuminating and the setting is beyond stunning. However, your eyes become transfixed on how good they look. In truth, you love how they actually look. An even better version of themselves. It has absolutely nothing to do with photoshop or any other alterations that can occur with photography. The vision of beauty is due to the craftsmanship of the makeup artist. Yes, good skincare practices and the previously mentioned factors matter, but truly, it is the makeup that can either make or break the look. The subject is aware that everything is contingent upon the makeup. Who can help make sure that nothing falls apart and out of place? The beloved makeup artist is the go-to for making sure the look is cohesive. They, the makeup artist, are one of many unsung heroes when it comes to a photoshoot. Riska Crowder is among the elite makeup artists that help bring together a look for your favorite talent.

Riska CrowderCrowder’s Start

Makeup has always been in Riska Crowder’s life. Her earliest memories are like many that love makeup; she was always playing in her mother’s stash of beauty goodies. Her passion for makeup really never went away. As she grew, so did her love for makeup. In high school, she was known for her abilities with foundation and other makeup related tools. Crowder was so good, she had her own list of clients. Many were even willing to pay her for her services. Of course, it never seemed like work then because she just loved to do makeup. It didn’t hurt that they were willing to pay, especially during those important occasions in high school. In all honesty, it was just something for her to do.

After high school, Crowder became a mother, put down the makeup brushes and decided to continue her education. Eventually, she decided to become a paralegal and get a job at the attorney general’s office. It was not for her. The job was too black and white and did not allow her love of color and make up to flourish. She missed her old love and decided to get back into makeup.

Crowder's work

While in Texas, Crowder decided to attend Fort Worth Beauty School. After graduating, she went right back into the swing of things with her brush and palettes. Still able to get clients, Crowder worked on make sure people left her chair feeling beautiful. Although her skills were good for someone doing makeup as a hobby, they became more refined. Even she could tell the difference in the look on the clients face difference in the finished look.

The Mann Event

At the start of career, a well-known custom dress designer by the name of Tawni Haynes had a photo shoot to do and needed a makeup artist. Riska Crowder was given the opportunity to be the makeup artist for the day. As fate would have it, the client was Tamela Mann. The results were so mesmerizing, Mann wanted Crowder to be her personal makeup artist. For the next six years from that day, Crowder was traveling and making sure Tamela Mann was beautiful.

Tamela MannNot only is Crowder a makeup artist to stars, such as Tamela Mann, MC Lyte and Michelle Williams, but she is also an author. Crowder’s literary debut was her book “Two Scoops of Beauty.” This book is filled with everything dealing with makeup. Using her years of experience, Crowder takes the reader into a makeup lover’s paradise how-to. If you are considering becoming a makeup artist or want to improve, Two Scoops of Beauty is a must read.

Two Scoops of BeautyFrom Steers to Peaches

Now located in Atlanta, Crowder is ready to make sure all the Georgia Peaches will be pretty. One thing she noticed about some of the clients is the weather and how it can change the skin’s condition. The true powerhouse of any makeup look is going to be the skin and the condition it is in. Crowder is really big on skincare. She always examines the skin and recommends products that can improve the skin and help makeup application become smooth. Recently, Riska has joined Christian Dior Couture and has learned all about their take on beauty. She has even fallen in love with Dior’s One Essential skincare line.Riska Crowder Makeup Artist

Like any makeup artist, Crowder has a few favorites. Yes, Dior is on the list. She also has MAC, Dermablend and Anastasia Beverly Hills in heavy rotation too. One of her favorite tools to use is the Beauty Blender.

If you are in the mood to learn something about makeup, pick up her book Two Scoops of Beauty. If you want to get your makeup done by someone who has had their work on the who’s who, Riska Crowder is your go to MUA!


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