Rob Hill Sr.: Life, Love and the Pursuit of Heart Healing


Written By: Whitney J. (@__whitney.j)

We all have scrolled through our social media timelines and had the powerful words of Mr. Rob Hill Sr. resonate through the screen and touch some part of life. Whether it is a reminder of the past, comfort for the present or encouragement for the future, Rob Hill definitely has a way words and great knowledge about relationships and dealings with the heart. Well I had the chance to speak with him about his past, inspirations and even personal dealings and find out just a little bit more about the “Heart Healer”.


Who would have thought that someone who speaks so eloquently about the dealings of the heart started from a bumpy road? He attributes his change in mindset and lifestyle to God being his foundational factor, stating that God brings changes to us and the path that he is on was the path set just for him. Rob Hill Sr. is a father to an adorable son Rob Hill Jr. who he also attributes to the molding of the man he is today!

It’s beautiful how something so successful stems from the genuineness of his heart. The start of his words of encouragement that later became books, started simply because he wanted to put out more positivity and empower those around him. With his immediate circle running low on hope, it was his hope to speak life into those around him. His relationship with those in his immediate circle is definitely one of give and take because he knows that those close to him will not hesitate to put him in his place and let him know if his ish really stinks. It’s great that he has such a strong support system, because with all good things come those who want to criticize. Hill quotes that his critics’ state that he writes for the “THOTS” or that he’s hating or blocking. To me it just seems that these type of men would rather a woman feel disempowered and less than. They would rather take the cowardly approach and not deal with a strong and confident woman.


On the more personal level Rob Hill is dating ladies! I mean isn’t he the protégé for dating?! Although he offers knowledge and advice about relationships, he still takes advice from his mother, step father, and spiritual leaders, always reading and studying his craft to continuously fine tune his abilities! Want to catch his eye ladies? Well you must be a driven woman who is successful and inspiring. He didn’t give a name for a celebrity crush however he did let us know that he is inspired by women such as Karen Civil, Necole Bitchie and Melanie Fiona! These are women that he states do not wait for permission to go after their dreams, they just go after it!

We closed the interview with advice that he would give to his son, his former self and something for those who need heart healing. To his son he says to communicate honestly, be upfront and to be consistent in relationships! These are definitely great words to live by for all men who are dating and in relationships. To his former self he stated “Slow down bruh, you have the rest of your life to be a whole”. And lastly to those who need the encouragement, don’t be afraid of the lessons of love and make sure you are not stagnant and settling!


I am truly inspired by Mr. Rob Hill Sr. and I am sure that you are too! Make sure you support his shows whenever he is in a city near you and support his books! Thank you Mr. Hill for sharing and imparting such beautiful words with the world and being transparent on your journey through life, you are appreciated!

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